The Past Effects

September 28, 2009
On the blazing, ivory, beach sand Adaline lay in glee. The teenager wasn't quite mature enough to understand what has happened. Her friends are aware of what Adaline has gone threw at home. Yet she obtains to stay happy? Many are confused by her strange actions. Once the students of Grover High found out her story it spread like a glass of milk that had been tipped over; fast and furious. Adaline had become an outcast, a loser, a freak. Her friendships started to disappear; no one wanted to be around her. As a result of her past became clear Adeline’s cheery personality began to fade into the background. The incident affected not only her personality but her look, attitude, and grades. After everything she will never forget who she was and why she changed.

March 26th, 2002 was the unforgettable date. Her father, Aaron, had been diagnosed with heart cancer. When the news came to Adaline she felt like her stomach had dropped. Curiosity had taken her over; she went and researched cures, doctors, theory, anything. Adaline’s older sister had already moved out but she had felt like fainting when the announcement came to her. The two sisters were crushed; their mother had passed away years they couldn't afford to lose their dad. If so Adaline would have to go live with her sister.

Throughout Adaline’s life she had always been afraid of something like this to happen. She had always felt hatred inside after the news arrived. But two years later her friends and family started up hill once more. Her dad was healthy and sober, her sister was successful and new friendships developed. As Adaline would say, "It's a happy ever after!"

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