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   For months last year I anticipated traveling to Spain, Portugal and Morocco through the Experiment in International Living. For two weeks I lived with a local family in Segovia, Spain and traveled throughout Spain with excursions to Morocco and Portugal.

During our "homestay" in Segovia, our group of nine (from all over the United States) went shopping with our families, sightseeing, or just enjoyed regular family life. Our families did not speak English and had teens close to our age. After our mid-day meal with our families, our group met in a caf" to talk about the day's events. At night, we would meet with our Spanish friends and go to discos, nightclubs, or caf"s.

After our two weeks in Segovia, we met other tour groups and went to Toledo, Granada, Seville and Madrid. There we went on sightseeing tours, or used the day to wander in small groups. We also traveled through Gibraltar and took a ferry to Morocco. In Tangiers, we strolled through bazaars, bargaining with local merchants for good buys. We went on camel rides, saw snake charmers and swam in the Mediterranean. After Tangiers, we arrived in Lisbon and enjoyed a day to shop, sightsee or go to the Lisbon movie theaters.

The last day of our trip we spent talking in a caf" and lugging our packages and duffel bags on the plane. We all missed the States and were eager to get back, but I think we will all remember our summer Experiment. n

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on Nov. 20 2013 at 10:40 pm
I am very interested in studying abroad in Morocco through EIL, I love your article and would appreciate your advice! Is there any way we could come in contact?