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Write the World Virtual Writing Camp

Jump into new genres of writing, connect with campers across the globe, and learn from notable authors, editors, and educators in Write the World’s Virtual Writing Camps.

Spend your summer immersed in a virtual community of teen writers (ages 13-19) from over 100 countries as you experiment with the written word, try your hand at new styles of writing (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Screenwriting, Writing Poetry for Social Justice, Flash Fiction, Humor Writing and more), and work with esteemed professionals to create pieces you’re proud of…all without leaving your home! Participants in poetry offerings are eligible for a chance to perform in a reading hosted by the Smith College Poetry Center.

Whether you choose to spend your free time filling journals with poetry and prose or are new to putting your thoughts on paper, we welcome you to join today and spend a week — or an entire summer — connecting & writing with peers worldwide!

Registration is open. Space is limited.

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Our lineup includes:

Complete Your College Essay

Go from college essay ideas to execution in this week-long virtual course. Students walk away with a fully drafted, stand-out Personal Statement in hand, as well as a plethora of writing resources for college and beyond.


Flash Fiction

In this workshop, we’ll explore how the constraints of a set word count can (perhaps surprisingly) lead to creative freedom, allowing authors to distill their story to its most important and effective message.


Humor Writing

From stand-up comedy to satire, the Sunday comics to a seriously funny serial, there is a delicate art involved in making people laugh. In this workshop, we’ll learn to wield the written word to share humor with the world, taking a look at how word choice, tone, context, allusion, metaphor, and delivery all contribute to effective – and hilarious! – writing.


Introduction to Poetry

Dive into poetry through this immersive, introductory workshop! Together, we will build our poetry toolboxes by exploring a range of techniques and forms, connect our work to that of poets past and present, and explore how poetry can empower writers and readers.


Jumpstart Your College Essay

Take the first step of the college essay process in this 2-hour virtual workshop. Students reflect on what makes their story unique and explore the crucial essay components that admissions officers look for.


Learning from Agents & Editors: Writing for Publication

Have you ever wondered what it takes to share your writing with the world? Learn from an expert in the publishing field as you grow as a writer (or maybe as a future editor, agent, or publishing professional yourself!).


Micro Memoirs

What makes you, you? Which of your life experiences, big or small, have sculpted you into the person you are, and the person you are becoming? Whether you keep a daily diary or have never before written in first-person, you have a unique story to share! We look forward to investigating techniques such as tone, point-of-view, dialogue, reflection, and more, as we explore how and why personal storytelling is an important form of art and advocacy.



Work towards the creation of a flash sci-fi or fantasy story that you can take with you into the (human) world after your time in camp, and connect with a professional fantasy author for real-time advice on how to make sci-fi and fantasy stories shine.



Explore the power of dialogue, the intricacy of body language, scenery, and nonverbal cues, and the real-world relevance of screenwriting as you work to grow and hone your writing skills.


Writing Poetry for Social Justice

In this workshop, we’ll work together to explore a variety of poetic tools and forms and write poems that raise awareness for causes we care about, from racial justice to the environment, and more.


Writing to Change the World

From spoken word poetry to opinion essays, letters to the editor to a short story whose conflict inspires us to see our world anew, the written word allows authors everywhere to change the way people perceive one another, as well as the world around them. In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of writing styles that allow us to share our voices with the world, advocate for causes we care about, and, in the words of Gandhi, “Be the change [we] wish to see.”


Ages: 13-19

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Online

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