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Penn Summer High School Programs

Get a taste of college life at an Ivy League institution based in the heart of Philadelphia. Penn Summer High School Programs, open to US residents and international students, offer unique credit and non-credit options. Undergraduate courses are open to high school students who want to pursue a favorite discipline beyond the level offered in secondary schools, get a head start on college requirements, or explore a brand-new field.

Penn Summer High School Programs are built around courses taught by Penn faculty, scholars, and distinguished visiting experts. Small class sizes ensure that you get the individualized attention you deserve. And extracurricular activities such as SAT preparation workshops, a college writing series, and presentations about college admissions procedures, give you the insight and guidance you need to get ready for the college application process.

Our summer programs include:

  • Penn Summer Academies: For three intensive weeks, these non-credit academies encourage students to dive deep into exploratory research in a specific subject area, including American Sign Language, biomedical research, chemistry, experimental physics, mathematics, neuroscience, and social justice.

  • Penn Summer Coding Camp: In this immersive three-week, part-time program, students build websites and games while gaining foundational programming, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This program is designed to formally introduce students to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to explore the field of computer programming.

  • Penn Summer Data Analytics Camp: This is a three-week, part-time program where students build visuals and dashboards while learning how to use Tableau and Python to analyze and visualize data. This program is designed to introduce the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to explore the field of data analysis and visualization.

  • Penn Summer Prep: The two-week program offers non-credit, immersive study in disciplines across the sciences, arts, and humanities. Students choose two modules to focus their studies and benefit from the University’s rich educational resources.

  • Pre-College Program: The Pre-College Program offers undergraduate courses in a wide array of disciplines taught by Penn faculty, staff and visiting scholars. Academic advising, access to University learning resources, and college admission workshops are also provided. Penn Summer sponsors F-1 student visas for international students participating in the program.

Young Scholars Program: The Young Scholars Program is a year-round offering designed for ambitious Philadelphia-area students who are interested in the intellectual challenge and rigorous pace of a true undergraduate experience. In the summer, Young Scholars Program students commute to Penn’s campus to attend courses within one of our two summer sessions alongside Penn undergraduates. All students have access to our outstanding academic resources, including libraries, University learning resources, college admission workshops, and a Penn-appointed academic advisor.

Ages: 14-17

Gender: Co-Ed

Type: Online

Physical & Mailing Address:
3440 Market Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA USA 19104-3335

More Information:
(215) 898-7326

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