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Center for Global Youth Leadership at Brandon Hall School

The Center for Global Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurial Studies™ at Brandon Hall School has a bold vision to inspire middle and high school students to be crafters of ideas and not simply consumers that marketers target. We aim to attract students from our community and abroad to unite around offering innovative and creative solutions to the most pressing challenges of their generation.

Using the United Nations 17 Goals for Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurial design models, and Leadership Theory as a foundation, our students immerse themselves in summer and academic year programs that push them to make an impact. Through a rigorous, varied, and experiential curriculum, students pursue their "passion projects" and entrepreneurial ideas with the guidance of experts from the corporate, non-profit, social service, and Consular sectors. The Center programs are never confined to the classroom, our students are immersed in both field work and our historic 24-acre campus, surrounded by the beautiful Chattahoochee River.

Our leadership programs equip, ignite, and propel forward a new generation of innovative, purposeful, skillful, and collaborative global leaders. Our unique student leaders work together in a cohort design that is problem-based, curiosity driven, and fully experiential. Through a rigorous and challenging daily schedule of classes, workshops, field studies, and special events, all of our global youth leaders are required to identify a societal or global issue that they want to actively endeavor to solve. Students will connect with successful entrepreneurs and begin building the skills to bring their entrepreneurial ideas and passions to life. Each session culminates in the GLYIA-21 International Conference, where student entrepreneurs will present their ideas on stage to an audience of local, national, and global participants. Program selection process is highly competitive as we seek to find the most inspired and self-motivated youth applicants from around the globe.

Students will learn key leadership and entrepreneurial competencies, including:

  • Public speaking, empathy, and people skills
  • Research and development
  • Marketing and fundraising models
  • Pitch design and feedback
  • Growth mindset and habit development
  • Cultural and diversity skills
  • Leadership theories and assessments
  • Problem-solving skills

Program Delivery: Overnight

Age: 12-18

Gender: Coed

Acceptance: No

Categories: Academic, Community Service

Physical & Mailing Address:
1701 Brandon Hall Drive
Atlanta, GA United States 30350

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