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First Time Surviving on 3D MAG

December 10, 2017
By Derp12345 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Derp12345 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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“Rules of Survival,” an iOS and Android game, rated #4 on the Play Store. The game is similar to “Players Unknown Battlegrounds” (PUBG) but in a mobile format! The purpose is be the last to survive either in teams or solo. At the beginning of the game, the survivors start on planes and then fall to the island in parachutes (you get to decide where to fall). The rest is wandering through the island to try to get equipment and eliminate other players. The rules are very similar to “The Hunger Games,” the only difference is that as time progresses, radiation surrounds the survivors, making the environment even smaller. “Rules of Survival” was created by a company named NetEase Games, founded in 2001 and ranked #3 on the Top 52 Highest Earning Publishers in IOS and Android.

One factor that players are interested in is the graphics, or the sharpness of the images. The graphics of “Rules Of Survival” are not the best, but since it’s on mobile, they create a sense of reality. The grass and objects from the ground stand out so it makes it easy to hide from other opponents. The complexly designed weapons look impressively realistic and are very detailed. The fps (frames per second) goes at a slow rate but results in an astonishing image. The impressive reflection of the water is proof of the effort the creators made in the graphics; the complexity of creating such an image is very high. The map located on the top left corner has geographic factors like the elevation, the buildings, the location of the radiated area, and the biome the player is in. The movement of the character (walking, ducking, driving, shooting, and running) is very specific, mimicking how a real person moves. The game lags when the fps is running slowly, depending on the capacity the device can take.

The thing that bugs me the most about this game is the reloads. For example, when trying to reload a gun, it takes more than five seconds to finish the process. By that time, the character would be killed. Another situation is when the player is injured severely, and needs to use the first aid kit; it takes more than 10 seconds to heal completely and the process cancels if the character moves, so they are easy prey. When playing on a team, if a player becomes unconscious, it takes another 10 seconds for another team member to revive him, so a team could die in no time. If changing weapons, the reload cancels since the weapon is no longer been paid attention. The only things that don’t take a long time to reload are fueling a vehicle, and it can be done even when moving.
Another thing that stands out in the game is character customization (making the character unique). There is a variety of clothing and accessories, from cheap to expensively rare clothing. Each clothing has a special function, like storage increase, speed, or healing. New clothing is added every time players increase their rank and so does their cost. Backpacks were added to the game, allowing for a major increase in storage. Armor was also added, increasing the resistance of the player.

I really love “Rules of Survival” because strategy is deeply used when playing. Fixing the refreshing and reloading systems would make the game closer to perfection. I would also like the company to create bigger lobbies and more worlds. However, the game has lots of action and high levels of tension. I rate this game 5 stars. 

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