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March 30, 2017
By I_love_343 BRONZE, Gainesville , Florida
I_love_343 BRONZE, Gainesville , Florida
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“Rainbow Six Siege” was created by Tom Clancy, who is responsible for some really enjoyable games, such as “Tom Clancy’s The Division” and “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.” “Rainbow Six Siege” is a strategy first-person shooter game where your team tries to complete or defend an objective. There are various game modes in which each objective or mission is different. Hostage, Situations, and Secure Area are some of the modes included in “Rainbow Six Siege.”

The game is very tactical and requires a lot of strategy. “Rainbow Six Siege” is unique from other FPS games in that players can break through walls in order to spot enemies, as well as build barriers to prevent this from happening. Players can even use drones to spot where enemies are hiding.

“Rainbow Six Siege” has Operators, or classes, that a player must complete. There are 30 Operators, half offensive and half defensive. Each has its own unique abilities and weapon sets. If you are used to fast-paced games, “Rainbow Six Siege” probably isn’t for you; sprinting will get you killed very quickly in the matches. The correct way to play the game is to slowly and stealthily check rooms to be sure no enemies are hiding there. Players can tilt their gun, which enables you to check rooms more safely than charging in. The tilting ability also helps you kill enemies if you have a bad angle on the target. Another reason sprinting isn’t as useful in this game is that enemies are usually hiding in one spot waiting to kill you (known as “camping”). Players can also hide traps around the map to hopefully capture enemies.

Unlike the previous games in the “Rainbow Six” series, “Rainbow Six Siege” doesn’t have a single-player, or “campaign,” mode. Many consider the Situations game mode to be the most like a campaign. Situations consists of 11 missions, all single-player. This mode is helpful for new players or those who want to up their game for real-game situations. They offer many useful tips.

While this game is very enjoyable alone, it’s a much better experience when you play with friends. Not only is it more fun, but it’s easier too. You can help friends spot enemies before they are alerted, and they can do the same for you. You can invite teammates to a party in order to chat and help each other.

I’ve had a very good experience with this game and enjoy playing it every chance I get. I would recommend “Rainbow Six Siege” for its amazing graphics and many fun game modes. It’s one of the most popular games being played today.

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