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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

January 24, 2017
By Sloptumus BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
Sloptumus BRONZE, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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Smash, Bang, Pow. There is a loud crack from the room right next to you, you see the face of an attacker ready to shoot. There are many decisions that a player could make. Most attempt to aim down then fire.Depending on the ability of the player to scan the room, he can catch them off guard. Now, depending on the time they turn to face the loud noise coming from the side, he can catch them off guard to strike before they even know he is there. Depending on the reaction time of the enemy player, the skill level of him he will either win the fight or push him back so he would have to relocate to strike again. All of these things can happen, however it depends of the time of the player playing or the luck of the player.

I am talking about Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow 6: Siege.” “Rainbow 6: Siege” came out on December 1, 2015. It is a little over a year old, has the same following, is growing steadily. I myself have been playing it since it first came out. I have loved it then, still do it is my most played game even beating other great games. “Rainbow 6: Siege” is a good game but even the best games have flaws, they’re fixable almost 100% of the time. It’s a game that has bugs that can easily be fixed, the game has very good mechanics that make it so good.

“Rainbow 6: Siege” has many good things about the game. For one the gameplay it may be buggy at times, the game usually runs very smoothly, this allows anyone to play it for hours on end always having fun.People can face different people than the game before, this really adds to the ability to change your playstyle to adjust to these new players. I like this aspect of the game, because then no one can ever be ready for their playstyle. There are certain things people can do to change up how they play too. With every game I feel that people can be able to learn to do different things. While there are a lot of things I enjoy about “Rainbow 6: Siege” it has a bit of faults to go with it.

The biggest problem with Rainbow 6 I would have to say are the hackers. No game can escape from them, they’ll just be there, however the number of hackers I feel has started to drop in the lower ranks of siege. Playing in the top ranks is a hard thing to do. I am not the best at Rainbow 6 , however some of my friends are pretty good they say they deal with hackers every once awhile always tell me about the struggle it is dealing with the hackers. Even though there are some there aren’t enough for it to ruin the game is still really good in both sportsmanship, kindness.

There are 6 ranks: copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Once anyone hit silver or gold they can’t be very successful if they don’t communicate. Rainbow 6 doesn’t force anyone to talk but if they want to be successful they need to communicate with their team. Rainbow is the type of game that if they don’t try to communicate with their team they will fail unless they can hold the team together then carry them to a victory. Not a lot of people can do that, but if they communicate with their team they will be able to go a lot farther with their team than people would if they didn’t communicate. That is more pro than con but the problem is not a lot of people are willing to communicate this makes it harder to win so you can be successful. That isn’t a big problem but it can hurt people who want to do good.

Rainbow 6 has a lot of things different than any other game. First off the diversity of characters there are so many characters that it is a different every game. There is the same number of attackers as there are defenders, I feel that this evens out the playing field for everyone. Every character has a different ability that are useful for different maps, game modes. The characters mean a lot to the functions of the game. The first character I got when I started “Rainbow 6: Siege” was a character named Sledge. His name may spoil what his ability is. His ability is he is able to wield a sledgehammer to break through non reinforced walls. This allows easier movement throughout the map this is an excellent way of surprising your opponent. He is an attacker that is widely used in games for his movement ability. The first defender I ever got was Doc, he is a French operative. His name to spoils what his ability does, it does recurrence within other characters because that is what makes you want to get the character. Doc’s ability is he has a stim pistol, this allows him to revive downed players attackers or defenders, this will heal them to 50% health. They will not be downed the next time though they will die without the ability to revive them. These are just two examples of attackers, defenders. There are so many more than those two, I don’t want to give all of them away because that ruins the experience of the game. Now sometimes it can take some times it can take awhile for me the longest i’ve had to wait was 20 minutes, if you leave matchmaking then go back into it they can find a match rather quickly.

“Rainbow 6: Siege” is a very good game, even though it has flaws that can be fixed. It is still a really good game you can also play this game for hours on end people will either be in love with the game or despise it. Either way it is a game about teamwork you need to communicate as a team to win. The diversity in the characters that you can play is phenomenal. This game in my opinion is a very well done game. The graphics are very well done, you can’t not like the gameplay mechanics. They are very well done, it makes an enjoyable game for everyone. I would rate this game a 8/10.

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