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Bayonetta 2 on Wii U

February 9, 2015
By Alberto Gonzalez BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Alberto Gonzalez BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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And people say that the Wii U is for kids. When it comes to the Wii U, it’s true that third parties are irrelevant. But this doesn’t mean Nintendo will give up. Last year, Nintendo and Platinum Games collaborated to create this magnum opus.

Bayonetta 2 is superior to its predecessor in every way. If you’ve played the first one and didn’t like it, I really recommend you to play this one (or at least try the demo) since a lot of things changed. First of all, the environment that you travel is beautiful. The rich and vibrant colors make everything stand out which the first one lacked. The action is fast paced and it requires a good amount of fast reflexes in order to avoid incoming enemy attacks. If you manage to avoid an attack, Bayonetta will go into “Witch Time” which slows down everything around her and enables you to kill the foe(s) faster. The controls are precise and easy to get used to. There are also numerous amounts of combos to learn accompanied by various weapons to wield. You can mix and match weapons that can go either on her arms or feet. But in order for you to get the weapons, you have to collect halos by breaking anonymous objects laying around or defeating enemies. The special moves Bayonetta pulls off are outrageous and gorgeous to look at.  There are some quick time events sprinkled here and there, but it is not as brutal as the first Bayonetta.  The comedy and over the top action scenes are also present here, but have been majorly revamped and they even manage to out dew one another. You will often fight angels which come in different flavors.

There are some weaknesses that I found, but they are just me being picky. With that said, the enemies that are placed are strong and can even take multiple hits in order to kill them and then there are some that are pathetic and can even be avoided. It’s a good thing this doesn’t happen often, but they usually take me out of the game when they do. Another problem that I found was that when you fight hordes of enemies, another wave is waiting for you a couple of steps forward. This can get monotones at times and you’re just going to smash the “X” or “Y” button to kill them off. Like I said before, these are minor or even picky complaints and do NOT necessarily ruin your experience with the game.

Does anyone here like extra content that is FREE! Well you’re in luck! Platinum Games’ added alternative costumes for Bayonetta to wear and some of these costumes even change up parts of the game!

The story is so convoluted (or at least for me) and even obsolete at times. I would not spoil anything, but it consists of Bayonetta’s demons start to betray her and take Jeanne’s soul to hell. When Bayonetta goes to Fimbulvinter, she finds Loki, a boy who has amnesia, who helps her along her journey.

Have I mentioned how amazing this game is yet? If you’re still not convinced in picking this game up, how about if it includes an enhanced version of the previous Bayonetta to sweeten up the deal? Nintendo barely publishes any mature content on their systems, but when they do, they kick major butt.

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