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Freedom Wars on PS Vita

February 9, 2015
By Bao Vo BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Bao Vo BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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Freedom Wars is an AAA game for the PS Vita published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Furthermore, Freedom Wars is a wonderful game that has many good qualities. The three main wonderful qualities to Freedom Wars are the story, the graphics, and avatar customization.

The story of Freedom Wars is a very interesting one. It is based on a world that is running out of resources and humanity has built panopticons (districts) in order to keep humanity alive. In the game, you have to protect your citizens from these robots called Abductors because they will steal your citizens and transfer them back to the panopticon that sent them. Furthermore, the outcomes of this game result from your decisions. That’s why the story is interesting

The graphics are amazing in this game. There isn’t any lagging in the game which lets the player enjoy many hours of fun without any waiting. The scenery in the game is clear which lets the player enjoy it while playing. Furthermore, if the scenery wasn’t clear, then the player wouldn’t be able to see what he/she is doing. As a result, the player won’t be able to enjoy the game and probably tell his/her friends not to get the game.

Finally, the character customization is just wonderful. You get many options of what your avatar’s physical appearance will look like. Furthermore, you get to choose what your avatar’s voice will sound like. Since we have many options for our avatar, we get to express our feelings in that avatar. Users will be able to see what your avatar will look like and might copy your style or send you party invites because they like your avatar. If the player gets bored of his avatar, he/she can always change them since it’s not permanent. Players will be able to enjoy this game more since they has this option to customize their characters.

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