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Dishonored on PC

June 13, 2014
By Shakti BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
Shakti BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
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This game will bewitch you,absorb you and will take you on a journey in the realm of adventure.Oh Yeah!Dishonored is one game that you will regret not going for. It is a stealth game(I personally assure you that assassin's creed fans will love this game). All the cool weapons plus the pinch of magic,what better could Arkane have done than to stir a mixture of modern weaponry and ancient magic.This is one unique and fascinating feature of this game that you will come to appreciate when you play this game.

The story of the game revolves around the protagonist "Corvo Attano".(He was sort of the bodyguard of Empress of Dunwall before "things" happened).The city of Dunwall has been traumatized by the "rat plague".On returning from the search of a cure to the plague, Corvo observes her empress being assassinated and is readily accused of doing so by the real conspirators.The loyalists,claiming themselves the rebels help Corvo escape and they along with corvo plan the downfall of the Lord Regent.

From here on player take up missions in order to make the plan a reality in slow and canny steps.The great thing about the missions in the game is that they are very open styled and interactive. Players get to decide between different choices of action and each choice makes a difference to the game.The result of the collective choices is more apparent in the game's ending.This choice allows you to complete missions in different ways and take up distinct routes,be the goody or the baddy and much more. Basically, you get the feel that it is not merely a game stimulation,makes the gaming experience more lively and you feel like you are living in a completely different universe.You get to manipulate situations at your will.(How cool is that !!).

After few missions you will find completely drawn in the game and will be feeling like a "loyalist" to a great extent. At this moment the game might seem to you very plain and classic.(I mean the queen is attacked and the hero is blamed and later orchestrates a plan to restore his glory.Quite the classic...? )

After Lord Regent is killed and all seems to be good "that" happens which would have been more surprising if it would not have happened.(Play the game to find out).

Now coming on to the central character, Corvo Attano's abilites. His abilities are a mash-up of well selected weapons and dreary magic.You can summon rats,freeze time and can even do short range teleport.As earlier stated that game has choices,even here it is upto you whether to neutralize a opponent or to kill him.Weapons too are of great variety,some are lethal and some are non-lethal,maintaining your freedom of choice.You can go all out on the opponents or more logically can find a way through your enemies "stealthily".

Dishonored is a perfect blend of a tragic reality and realm of fantasy.The setting of the world is very striking and immersing.The best thing is the gameplay freedom that allows you to form the game in your own image.This freedom combined with variety of magical abilities and weapons makes this game worth it.I reiterate it just for you,"You will regret not going for it".

The author's comments:
I am a game addict and I feel proud of it.Gaming is a entertaining option to pass my time and frankly speaking it allows me to evade the reality of my life,even if for a short time.

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