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Halo 4 on X-Box 360

April 20, 2013
By Achillies717 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
Achillies717 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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Halo 4

About 10 years ago, I picked up a game that would completely change my perspective of video games and begin my passion for them. That game was Halo: Combat Evolved for the original Xbox. Ever since then I have be extremely excited for every Halo game that came afterwards and I was never disappointed. Now the newest edition in the franchise Halo 4 is out, and I have to say…it’s the best one yet
I cannot stress how excited I was for this game. The moment I picked it up I could feel all those nostalgic moments of the previous games but this addition…Halo has really outdone itself.
With former studio and original creator Bungie leaving the Halo games, it was picked up by a small development team called 343 Industries (hats off to them) and they have really been able to capture that warm yet intense Halo feel.
Halo 4's campaign is a sequel the Halo 3. And like almost every other halo game, you play as my favorite fictional character in the UNIVERSE: Master Chief! Once again I cannot stress about how much I love Master Chief. So Master Chief is in cryo sleep (As Always) and Cortana wakes him (As Always) Then some covenant forces board your ship (As always). I really like how they’ve been able to retain that old Halo nostalgia without making anything repetitive. So Master Chief swats the covenant like flies, then the real game begins. Now onto the gameplay as I don’t want to spoil any of the games spectacular moments.
Halo 4 has been given an amazing reboot. Everything about it just captivated me all the way up until the credits. Now the game is still a first person shooter where you go around killing alien forces who are out to destroy the human race. You have your trusty companion Cortana on the trip and survival is not guaranteed if playing on Hard and Legendary.
I think it’s fair to say that no game ever has looked as good as Halo does. The game is running on an upgraded version of Reach’s engine so it was always going to be good looking. But this is just something else. No other game can compare to this, not ever Crysis. The spectacular alien structures and sights along with battlegrounds and weapons, they all look so amazing that I was spending more time just staring at them rather than actually getting anything done. Every tiny detail of the environment is beautiful, even tiny little grass sticking out of the ground grabbed my attention. No game can beat the graphics of Halo 4.
Now Halo has also been known for its outstanding orchestra soundtracks, and this was all thanks to Martin O Donnel who really did make the Universe of Halo come to life with its music, but Halo 4's new composer Neil Davidge does a great job as well. The music is high paced and intense and works just perfectly along with this the events in the game.
Now onto the actual gameplay. In Halo 4 you’ll be doing a lot of things that you’ll look back on and think “Yeah I did that” (I know I did) you’ll be blowing up ships, killing alien races, driving warthogs and much more. We’re also introduced to a new alien robot kind of race called the Prometheans who are faster, stronger, smarter and tougher to kill. But you being the Chief will not have any problems. I think I should start of by saying this feels like Halo. You’ll get many new abilities such as the armor shield thing that you can deploy anytime and you’ll have a lot of new weapons to play around with. I won’t say too much in fear of spoilers but this game is amazing.
The multiplayer of Halo has revolutionized out perspective and expectations of what multiplayer first person shooter should be like ever since Halo 2. With this game you have your standard kill everyone or capture the flag which are amazing and intense, then there are more unique modes such as SPARTAN Ops which will be a kind of continuation to the campaign where you’ll get missions sent to you every few weeks, but they certainly are fun to complete especially with a friend.
Now I should warn you, if you are extremely emotional and have grown attached to some of the characters, have a box of tissues ready as the ending is devastating but I won’t say anything more.
Overall Halo 4 is simply perfect, nothing more to say about it. It is everything a game should be

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Mickey46 said...
on May. 19 2013 at 8:46 pm
Loved this review. Gives a wonderful insite on one of the most beloved gaming series in history. Wonderful review I'd pay to read stuff like this every month Keep up the wonderful work! :)