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2K13 Yet Another Installment to the Series… I Think Not on Xbox 360

March 20, 2013
By Nathan Rogers BRONZE, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Nathan Rogers BRONZE, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
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Another NBA game from 2K sports hit the video game market this past October with much anticipation. The blockbuster 2K series has had a monopoly on the NBA video game market since 1999. Customers wait in expectation for the latest and greatest graphics, players, game modes, and more every year. 2K sports has continued to show their ingenuity throughout the 2K series and this year is no exception.

The game comes packed with new features and game modes that step it up from last year’s 2k12. The game’s new features include Legends Training Camps, Player Upgrades, Social Media, Meet with GM (General Manager), MyPlayer, MyTeam, and many other game play improvements. Perhaps the best part of the game is its music and theme. Jay-Z was the executive producer of the game and he largely influenced the overall appearance. He also recommended including legends in the game. Many may say its just another 2K NBA game. However, 2K Sports creates games distinguishable from their last game unlike EA Sports’ Madden series games that appear the same every year. 2K13’s totally new design draws players into the game. The game’s fresh design off the bat made me optimistic to what the game might hold. My expectations were not let down as I went farther into the game, trying different modes and features. The ability to play as different legends and with different legendary teams like the 92’ dream team made me feel like 2K was making an effort to please those who spend $60 on their fancy game. I never get that feeling with Madden because their games are always similar. I personally played with Melo (Carmelo Anthony) on the Knicks and could not be more pleased with the game play. The movements of the players become more realistic every year. Your NBA star can be controlled by the right analog stick, allowing for life like moves and dribbling. The improved game play 2K Sports has made every year make the gamer feel closer to the action. The buzzer beaters you make become more thrilling and the turnovers exceedingly disappointing. The company has found success from their willingness to listen to their customers. Therefore, 2K Sports latest game is nothing short of brilliant.

The game deserves a 9 out of 10 in my opinion. The reinvented design, along with the new game features and modes contribute largely to this score. The fluid controls are also a major factor to the game’s excellent score. IGN gave the game a 9.1 out of 10 which put it amongst the top 100 games they have ever rated. The only room for improvement is graphic errors and issues with trading your player. Some mid-twenties players have gray hair. What’s up with that? This is not the first time this has been an issue. This year it’s Rajon Rondo, last year it was Kevin Durant. There may be other sixty year olds I have yet to discover. The other problem is trading your player. Your GM (General Manager) has this problem with getting you to the team you want to go to. My brother wanted to go to the Thunder. He got the Trail Blazers, Spurs, and Jazz. 2K Sports may have wanted to make the game realistic with free agents going to the team offering the most money, but it’s a video game! The gamer should get what he or she wants and not have to go from one team to the next in hopes of getting their number one trade choice. Overall, the game is excellent, other than those minor flukes, and well worth the money. After all, my other brother, a Miami heat fan, ended up replacing Mario Chalmers with his player. Who knows? You may end up a starter on your favorite team!

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