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Tales of Graces f on PS3

May 23, 2012
By volkesatino SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
volkesatino SILVER, Welch, Minnesota
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Attention reader, bored of playing the same games over and over again? Looking
for a good series to get into. Maybe even a fan of the “Tales Of” series? Then Tales of
Graces f should be on your priorities list. Not only is it the first tales of game to come out
since Tales of Vesperia (that has been localized) but it also comes with bonus content.
There has also been some changes with certain aspects of the game.
The first thing to mention is that titles aren’t just little bonus things anymore. But
give stat increases and give the character their artes, or abilities in battle. There is a set
back to this though, there are just so many of the pesky things like one-hundred or so for
each character. But despite this there is a much wanted feature in Tales of Graces f .
That would be fully voiced skits, little optional things for humor. Finally getting this
feature is nice because the Japanese have had it since Tales of Symphonia. And onto
the main bonus feature. A completely new story arc based six months after the ending of
the main arc. Another huge change is the battle system.
The change is that instead of using TP (tactical points) the games uses CC (chain
capacity). Basically it works the same but CC constantly restores itself and is used for all
actions in battle where TP is used only for artes not basic attacks. But this makes it easy
to make combos, especially in overlimit.
Instead of one individual filling his/her own overlimit gauge by attacking it is all sent
to the eleth gauge (overlimit bar) and when it is filled the entire party goes into overlimit

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