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May 23, 2012
By zakary field BRONZE, Provo, Utah
zakary field BRONZE, Provo, Utah
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In lord of the rings online you start off being freed from a rundown jail cell by Stryder. As you’re leaving the jail you are ambushed by two people, Stryder fights them off. One of the two ambushers drop a satchel which contains two items which depends on the class you choose when you create your character at the beginning of the game. Stryder tells you to search the satchel where you will find two weapons. After you pick up the weapons Stryder tests your ability to fight and after he deems you worthy of fighting he leads you out of the jail. When you get outside you have to rescue two hobbits from some of Black Woods thugs. When you reach the exit of the jail grounds, you see The Dark Lord on his horse you can feel the presents of evil as he interrogates a guard about the ring and where they are. Stryder shows up and fends off The Dark Lord saving the guard

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