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lost planet extreme conditions on Xbox 360

December 9, 2011
By shadowcrow132 BRONZE, Cristal, Minnesota
shadowcrow132 BRONZE, Cristal, Minnesota
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(lost planet extreme conditions) is a action packed game and a fight for survival from the locals (akrid), the snow pirates (x Marines left for dead on the frozen planet) and the extreme conditions on the planet. the (akrid) are like giant mutated bug like aliens who don’t like the idea of the humans colonizing and terra forming the planet. but instead of looking for a new planet the humans built huge robot like mechs called vital suits (v.s.) and bigger guns to fight back. they later found another reason to keep fighting, they found that the akrid carried a red ooze (thermal energy) like substance that they could use for energy, heat, and most important health.

main character (wyne):

campaign mode: you play as wyne: a man whose last memory is of his father being killed by a highly dangerous akrid named (green eye) before being knocked out and in to a coma. until a group of survivors found him frozen in the snow. he joined them to fight and rid the planet of akrid for his dad.

one other thing about the thermal energy is that instead of the standard health bar thiers also a thermal energy bar and when that runs out u start to freeze to death and eventually die, so with out it your practically screwed.

over all conclusion: i think that the graphic design was really good although the game play and the story line could be a bit better but other wise i think that people who like this kind of stuff in a game should try it out and i hope that you would really like the game as much as i did....

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