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Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 and Xbox360

December 15, 2009
By IizFrozen SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
IizFrozen SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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The sequel to the best game of the year is here. This FPS (first person shooter) is a thriller anyone can enjoy.

The game storyline is surprising and thrilling as you are never stuck in one place at one time like in the Himalayas, Afghanistan, and the White House. The game starts out as Pvt. Allen is going through a shooting range. Then it takes you to fighting militia in a school. Roach, another playable character, is then seen hanging off the cliff in the Himalayas, of a ridge with Soap Mactavish. You’re going to infiltrate their base and steal their ACS Module.

Sheperd is the CO, commanding officer, of Task Force 14. Soap, Roach, Allen, Ghost, and someone who will be introduced into the game later are all a part of this force. Sheperd is also the one in CoD: MW who lost 30,000 men in a nuclear explosion. Soap is also back but isn’t a playable character till towards the end of the game. Someone comes back from the dead from CoD: MW but I’ll let you find this out yourselves. You know the Ultranationalist who where the bad guys in MW1, well they beat the “Good” Russians and made Zakaheav a hero (excuse me if I spelled his name wrong.) Makarov is now in charge of the Ultranationalists and sets out to bring war in between Russia and USA. Now he attacks an airport with Pvt. Allen, Pvt. Allen is expose to kill him, they kill everyone their and Makarov kills Allen, leaving a dead American at the bodies of a thousand or more Russians which ignites war.

This game is amazing, its graphic are some of the top quality. It’s online is also amazing as it offers a wide range of weapons and maps.

To conclude what I have been saying if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360 and don’t have this game get it you won’t be disappointed.

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