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halo 2

December 14, 2009
By Jorge zepeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jorge zepeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Do you feel like exploding aliens? Than halo 2 is the game for you.

If you played the halo 2 than you know what it’s about. halo 2 is about an alien army trying to destroy earth .in the game your both aliens and humans basically it’s about war between aliens and humans to see who is the bitter raise.

The game halo 2 is a great game because of it’s graphics and realistic affects. If you played you will experience a new world with only violence, such as killing, and explosions.

I think kids older than ten should play this because it has lot’s of violence.

I recommend this game to people so they can experience what the world would be like if we were in war with aliens.

I give this game a five out of five star for it’s graphic . And violence.

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