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halo 3 odst on first person shoeter

October 19, 2009
By lolster BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
lolster BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The newest game out on Xbox 360 is halo three odst, the hit prologue of 2007 game of the year halo three. This time you are not a super soldier Spartan, instead you the odst the best of the best, odst means orbital shock drop trooper. You start out as the rookie but you will go into flashback mode were you are a different soldier like buck the leader of your troop. You launch out in a pod launched out of a ship. You crash into new Mombassa, a super city.
It is going to be really dark so the gfc gave you three new little toys, which is a visr, with is just night vision but highlights every thing that's important to the mission.
They also give you to new sound suppressed weapons, one of them is the smg that can tare threw armor, the last is mr6 with is a pistol but it is one head shot one kill. the game is going to hard so get some friends.
Halo three odst new mode “firefight” or horde sound familiar. well you if you don't let me tell you. Firefight has sets, rounds, waves. One set contains three rounds,
And each round contains 2 waves, with come at the time. at the last wave they bring heavy stuff to the battle. Every round a new skull comes on and every set it restarts.

The next cool new thing about halo three odst is that it comes with two discs, one for odst, and one for halo three multiplayer. The cool thing about the second disc it has better art for our character, and it carries your halo three profile onto it so now more achievements. Well that is not exactly true there are like 10 achievements to earn.
The best part of it, it comes with three new maps that have the rest of the skulls on it to get recon.

Recon is finally out, but you will have two earn it with achievements.
Three of them will have two be earned in halo three odst. Two of them one campaign, and one on firefight, they will be hard so get help.

I rate this game a nine point 3, it was a fun game I really prefer this game
To everyone that likes to play Xbox 360.

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xr100 said...
on Oct. 10 2011 at 10:49 am
This is true, this really dont tell anybody about the whole game, need alot further in details

on Nov. 20 2009 at 12:12 pm
eddsworldrocks, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
I sleep a lot

This game is to COOL! time for my sleep

tLittle said...
on Oct. 29 2009 at 8:55 pm
You didn't really focus on the actual game you only talked about the very begining and some of the new available items for missions and firefight mode. But you did talk about how you can keep the same Halo 3 profile to add on more multiplayer stats. Next time go into further detail about about the main points like if it has campign of any add ons. You were vage throughout it but, had main details through what you talked about.