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RDR2 review

May 15, 2023
By Anonymous

Red Dead Redemption Two also known online as RDR2 is a single player and multiplayer game with amazing graphics, physics, a great story line, and a lot of OpenWorld experience back in the late 1800 and early 1900s. Even though it is expensive and has an age limit, the graphics and physics in RDR2 and Online multiplayer together with a wide variety in platforms to play on might convince you, all this together makes RDR2 one of the best OpenWorld games out there today, setting a whole new standard for OpenWorld games.


RDR2 is game created by the famous American company Rockstar games that is mostly known for their open world and story mode creating online games and the long waiting period for their next games. Most people know them for their game GTA V which is very similar to RDR2 but then set in modern times but also in the USA. Both have single player and multiplayer options. The story mode is very similar in style, setting rockstar’s themes on their games.


RDR2 has some interesting topics where the story is set in a fictional world which is supposed to represent the USA in the late 1800's. Which follow the exploits of Arthur Morgan who is an outlaw, he is part of gang called Van der Linde which is named after the leader of the gang called Dutch Van der Linde. The must deal with the fall of the Wild west, while having to live with the threats of government forces, rival gangs, and other opponents. In RDR2 The further you go in the story the more things you unlock, for example weapons, more legendary animals. That’s right legendary animals! This game allows for the amazing open world experiences that allow for people to not just stay on the story line all the time. this game has two modes single player and multiplayer. The multiplayer allows for you to meet up with friends or other people that have the same interest as you. In this mode you can create your own character and you are just let out of prison and your tongue has been cut of which makes your character silent throughout, not even a single word.


Earlier I mentioned that the graphics and physics are super realistic, and they are. This game set a very high standard for modern open world games. This game makes you feel like you are in the wild west in the 1800s from moving bushes when walking into one to even a rabbit getting trampled by your horse or even the horse getting agitated and so on to every minor detail. But physics are great and all, but they are at their best when accompanied with the amazing graphics in game. With the best graphics in a game to date in my opinion. The attention to detail is something rockstar games are exceptional at. From scars on the face of characters to the hair on the characters head, the way the sunlight effects the shadows etc.


You may be wondering what platforms this game is available for? This amazing game is based for many platforms, this game is available for Xbox one, PS4, PC Windows 10. If you have a platform that is newer it is also playable.


But I can’t just give you all the good points even though I feel that the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. First, this game is very expensive, it is 60 dollars for the online and single player version. In my opinion this game is worth the 60 dollars as you can play this game infinitely and won’t be bored, that’s how long this game takes to play completely. After two years of playing, I’m not even close to being finished. If you do manage to finish the game after years you always got RDR Online. But This game is 18+ so if your parents allow you to play 18+ games like mine or you are above the age of 18 this game is a game to get if this game intrigues you enough or are just really interested in the wild west. I highly recommend this game, so test it out for yourself outlaw!

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