March 1, 2023
By Anonymous

This review today is going to be on APEX LEGENDS the first-person shooter game (fps for short). I chose this review because there’s so many key points to this game and of course so many legends to play and guns to use. 
I think that this game has had its up and downs but when it came out it was #1 game in the world at one point. But over the course of 4 years the game can get better and worse. In this case apex has had its rough patches and some good spots. Most people who play apex have heirlooms which cost around 500 dollars and you must open 500 packs sometimes less. to get them which if you don’t want to spend money that’s a lot of leveling up just to get packs. 
I would recommend apex legends because if you have a friend to play with It can be fun. If you don’t have a friend to play with you can still have fun alone because of the trolling and fun, you can have as a solo. Apex can be fun but sometimes it gets a little dry and unplayable and when your playing against a cheater you know that he’s going to win unless you kill him which is very unlikely because there using hacks. 
The only times I wouldn’t recommend this game is in the middle of the season because it can get very boring the last season was one of the longest 108 days this can be good because that means there might be more than 2 events in the season and there was 3 or 4. When apex is being not played they are forced to come out with new events, guns and of course new legends and that’s when people start playing again and they get more money. 
My favorite part of apex is the variation of legends/abilities and guns this is probably the most favorite p[art of the game. My least favorite part is the cost of event and heirlooms. The prices are very high when I say high I mean high its 120-160 dollars an event. 

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