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My Take On Google's Dinosaur Game

December 20, 2021
By MoWoodsWrites BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
MoWoodsWrites BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Dinosaur Game is a video game that was added to Google web browser in 2014 that has probably caused millions around the world to turn off their internet to turn on the fun. See, Dinosaur Game is only playable when Chrome cannot connect to the internet. It was intended as a relaxing distraction, a peaceful mesmerizing get away from the fact that your internet sucks. But it has become so much more. An icon of gaming, a competition amongst friends during dire times, a creative writing topic I thought of at 6:05 AM this Thursday that I will somehow make into a full fledged essay by second period. A symbol of hope for those abandoned by their ungodly wicked routers and ISPs

So what is Dinosaur Game anyway? Glad you asked. Dinosaur game is an arcade side scroller but when I google “dinosaur game video game genre” it says its an Action game so I’ll just call it that. In this thrilling action game you take control of a lone T-Rex who bravely dodges cacti and birds in his never ending quest for a greater score. The game is best played on the arrow keys so you can duck a little faster but you can still get away with only using the spacebar if you’re a glue eater.

Players take pride in how far they can make that little guy soar. Which is a thrilling competition between friends. Dino enthusiasts around the world brag about their cactus ducking accomplishments in their classrooms, their lunch rooms, and in the official Dinosaur Game Discord Server which I didn't know was a thing till i googled it just now.

Personally I’m one of the best Dino racers to ever do it, so I can tell you from experience that that game is no joke. See, the higher your score gets, the faster the Dino runs. Making this game a formidable challenge for even the best gamers. The speed forces you to make split second decisions on how you want to dodge certain obstacles. For example if there's a bird right after a tall cactus you might want to jump earlier not get snatched out of the air by the bird.

Accessibility is one of the game’s strong suits. Being free is one of the biggest reasons it's so renowned, and it really helps that it's playable on almost any device! Combine that with simple controls and a straightforward goal, and you’ve got the recipe for a viral masterpiece. Everyone and their mom can compete for the glory of being a better dino racer than SOMEBODY

So no matter who you are, next time you see T-Rex’s friendly pixelated face next to that demoralizing No Internet message, that’s your queue to shoot for the stars! And if you miss, don't worry, I’m sure you did better than some space bar pressing glue eater.

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