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Call Of Duty Cold War

October 29, 2021
By Anonymous

The game I will be talking about is called “Call of Duty Black Cold War.” And this game came out on November 13, 2020. Lots of people liked this game but some said it wasn't what they were expecting. And that the zombies are not fun at all. But in my opinion the zombies are very interesting and it's crazy how they made the game modes and how they keep making more maps. And the packs you could buy are cool so the opperarters look cool and you could also grind to get new edit styles and change out through the different stages.

But the one thing I don't like about another part of the game is that in warzone you can find a great method class. And then when you get your weapons to max level the workers there lower the power or the damage amount of the weapon. And when you find another loadout if it blows up then that class is patched. But I think this is good because it keeps the game moving and stops the overpowered stuff. And I think their patching is real fast too and that's kind of good sometimes because you may not know about the trick and you're at a disadvantage.

And overall this game is really fun to play in my opinion. And I will recommend this game to any competitive player. And love to watch pro players watch this too. And it's also a very fun game to play with friends and family like cousins or people of your age. And could be great entertainment for everyone.

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