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Nazi's reign

October 15, 2021
By Anonymous

“Nazi’s reign”: is set in an alternate history 1960s Europe where the Nazis won the second world war. The story follows war veteran William “bj” Blazkowicz and his efforts to stop the Nazis from ruling over the world. The story is arranged in chapters, which you can finish in order to progress through the story. A morality choice in the prologue alters the alternate storyline; some characters and small plot points are replaced throughout the two timelines. The story features a variety of different man-made weapons; the story attempts to delve into character development of Blazkowicz, unlike its predecessors—a choice from the author to interest readers in the story. The author has aimed to portray him in a heroic fashion with minor twists in the story.

  The Nazis have deployed advanced technologies, enabling them to turn the tide against the Allies. In July 1946, U.S. special forces operative Captain William  Blazkowicz, accompanied by pilot Fergus Reid and Private Probst Wyatt III, take part in a massive Allied air raid against a fortress and weapons laboratory run by his nemesis, SS-Obrest-Gruppenfuhrer Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. The three are captured and brought to a human experimentation laboratory where Deathshead forces Blazkowicz to choose who he will gruesomely dissect, Fergus or Wyatt, before leaving Blazkowicz and the survivor to die in the laboratory's emergency incinerator. They escape the laboratory, but Blazkowicz suffers a critical head injury during the escape, rendering him unconscious and putting him in a coma. He is brought to a cerebral asylum in Poland, where he remains in a vegetative state for 14 years from which he is unable to awaken. He is cared for by the asylum's head nurse Anya Oliwa and her parents, who run the facility under the Nazi regime. Blazkowicz watches as Anya's parents are regularly forced to hand patients over to Nazi authorities, who deem them Untermensch for their mental disabilities and take them to General Strasse for unknown experimentation. 

  In 1960, fourteen years after Blazkowicz's admission, the Nazis ordered that the asylum is to be shut down, terminating all the patients and executing Anya's family when they resist. Blazkowicz awakens from his vegetative state as he is about to be executed, killing the extermination squad and escaping the asylum with Anya. Blazkowicz and Anya drive to her grandparents' farm, where they inform him that the Nazis won the war by forcing the United States to surrender in 1948 and that the members of the ensuing Resistance were captured. Blazkowicz interrogates a captured officer from the asylum, learning that the top members of the Resistance are imprisoned in Berlin before executing him with a chainsaw. Anya's grandparents smuggle her and Blazkowicz through a checkpoint in Stettin before they travel to Berlin. During the train ride, Blazkowicz and Anya enter into a passionate connection. When they arrive, Anya helps Blazkowicz break into the prison, where he rescues the person he spared fourteen years prior and finds that the Resistance movement is a revived Kreisau Circle led by Caroline Becker , who was left paralyzed due to her injuries at Isenstadt.

  The Resistance execute an attack on a Nazi research facility in London, bombing their base of operations, stealing secret documents and prototype stealth helicopters. The documents reveal the Nazis are relying on reverse-engineered technology derived from an ancient Jewish society known as Da'at Yichud, which created such inventions as energy weapons, computer artificial intelligence, and super concrete; however, it is revealed that someone is tampering with the super concrete's formula, making it susceptible to mold deterioration. The Resistance discover a match with Da'at Yichud member Set Roth, who is imprisoned in a forced labor camp. Blazkowicz agrees to go undercover inside the camp and meets Set, who tells him that the Nazis have been using technology made by him and other Jewish scientists to mass-produce and control robots, and offers to help the Resistance in return for the destruction of the labor camp. Blazkowicz finds a battery for a device that controls the camp robots, which he and Set then use to destroy the camp and rescue prisoners.

  Set reveals to the Resistance that the Nazis' discovery of one of the Da'at Yichud caches, which included advanced technology centuries ahead of its time, is what allowed Germany to surpass the Allies in military might and ultimately win the war. Set agrees to assist the Resistance by revealing the location of one such cache, but states that the Resistance requires a U-boat to access it. Blazkowicz obtains a U-boat, but discovers that it is the flagship of the Nazis' submarine fleet, and is equipped with a cannon designed to fire nuclear warheads, which requires codes from the Nazi lunar research facility to operate. Blazkowicz uses the technology found in the Da'at Yichud cache, namely the Spindly Torque a sphere that destroys the super concrete to steal the identity of a Nazi lunar scientist and infiltrate the Lunar Base. He succeeds at obtaining the codes, but upon returning to Earth, he discovers that Deathshead has mounted an assault on the Resistance base, capturing some of the members.

  The Resistance use the nuclear codes and the Spindly Torque to mount an assault on Deathshead's compound. Rescuing the captured resistance prisoners and evacuating them, Blazkowicz makes it to the top of the tower, struggling to Deathshead's workshop. Inside, Deathshead greets Blazkowicz, revealing to him that he possesses the brain of the soldier that Blazkowicz chose to die, and puts it in a robot. The robot comes alive and assaults Blazkowicz, who defeats it and puts his friend to rest by destroying the brain. Commandeering a larger robot, Deathshead attacks Blazkowicz, who gets the upper hand and destroys the robot, dragging Deathshead out of it. He repeatedly stabs Deathshead, who pulls out a grenade which explodes, killing Deathshead and mauling Blazkowicz. As a gravely wounded Blazkowicz crawls towards a window, he mentally recites "The New Colossus" as he watches the Resistance survivors boarding a helicopter, alongside Anya and Set. Seeing that they have reached safety, and bleeding heavily from his injuries, Blazkowicz orders the Resistance to fire the nuclear cannon. After he falls to the floor, a helicopter is heard approaching from afar.

  “Nazi’s reign II”: The New Colossus takes place after “Nazi’s reign”: The New Order (seen above), the story is still set in the same alternate history which takes place in 1961 following the Nazi victory in the Second World War. The story follows war veteran William Blazkowicz and his efforts to fight against the Nazi regime in the United States.

  During the final events of “Nazi’s reign”: The New Order, Kreisau Circle retrieves a critically injured William Blazkowicz from Deathshead's fortress before destroying it with a nuclear cannon. Blazkowicz falls into a 5-month long coma as he fades in and out of consciousness aboard the U-boat Eva's Hammer, it is revealed that Anya, Blazkowicz's love interest, is pregnant with twins. The U-boat is attacked by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Irene Engel, a sadistic Nazi commander who captures Caroline and Fergus or Wyatt. Blazkowicz devises a plan to get himself captured and taken to Engel's airship, the Ausmerzer, which is suspending the U-boat above water. Engel tries to get her daughter Sigrun to decapitate Caroline, but the former refuses, resulting in Engel killing Caroline herself. Irene then tries to kill the other captive, Sigrun prevents it by tackling Engel, allowing Blazkowicz to use Caroline's armor. Blazkowicz disconnects Eva's Hammer from the Ausmerzer and flees back to the U-boat with Sigrun and Caroline's body.

After Caroline's funeral, the group decides to carry out what would have been the next step in her plan to end the Nazi regime: liberate America and use it as a central base from which to free the rest of the world. The group sets out to contact a resistance group hiding in the Empire State Building amid the ruins of Manhattan, which was destroyed by a Nazi atomic bomb. Blazkowicz finds and recruits Grace Walker, a passionate, scarred African American, and Norman "Super Spesh" Caldwell, a lawyer-turned-conspiracy theorist, parents to a baby girl named Abby. Grace informs the Circle of her plan to kill the top Nazi leaders by destroying the Oberkommando, in Roswell, New Mexico near the site of an unearthed Da'at Yichud cache. Blazkowicz travels to Roswell with a portable nuclear warhead, before heading to Super Spesh's hideout. Spesh takes him to his bunker and to a tunnel that leads to the Oberkommando, where Blazkowicz deposits the bomb in the base's reactor and detonates it.

After escaping Roswell, he takes a detour to Mesquite, his hometown, to recover an heirloom ring. Blazkowicz's abusive father Rip appears and chastises him, justifying his abuse of Blazkowicz and his mother, and allowing her to be taken by the Nazis because she was Jewish, and that he intends to hand him over to the Nazis. Blazkowicz kills his father as Engel's forces arrive and he is captured once more while Engel keeps the ring for herself. Super Spesh later visits Blazkowicz under the guise of his lawyer, telling him of their plan to break him out. However, Engel kills Spesh having known his ruse.

After hallucinating a reunion with his mother, Blazkowicz is sentenced to death and beheaded at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. in front of millions in a televised event. However, the Kreisau Circle recovers his head and Set surgically grafts it onto a bioengineered Nazi super-soldier body. Blazkowicz breaks into a Nazi bunker hidden under New York, stealing a file on New Orleans, which is revealed to be a large ghetto. Blazkowicz travels there to gather several freedom fighters under the command of communist Horton Boone. They break out of the ghetto and escape on Eva's Hammer. The Kreisau Circle considers capturing the Ausmerzer to prevent its use against the group's planned revolution but realize that it would be nearly impossible due to an automated defense system called ODIN. The group plans to steal the codes to deactivate ODIN by traveling to Venus, where the codes are kept in a Nazi facility. Blazkowicz assumes the identity of an actor and is invited to Venus to participate in a propaganda film audition produced by Adolf Hitler, who is looking for a suitable actor to play Blazkowicz. Blazkowicz retrieves the ODIN codes and returns to Earth to decipher them, and the Kreisau Circle throw him a birthday party upon arrival. The Kreisau Circle mounts an assault on the Ausmerzer, where the resistance members disable ODIN and hijack its command systems. Blazkowicz and his team travel back to the ground, where Engel is on national television in California. Blazkowicz kills Engel and the Kreisau Circle proclaims the start of a revolution to liberate America.

Blazkowicz takes back his heirloom ring from Engel's body and proposes to Anya. The revolution is depicted pictorially during the last lines of the book

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