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The Review of the Borderlands

November 21, 2019
By DazWeirdboy63 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
DazWeirdboy63 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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The Review of the Borderlands

To start off, this review on Borderlands 3(Xbox One) is not negative nor is it positive. It is an attempt at explaining both the positives and the negatives, but there are many more positives than there are negatives. I’m going to discuss a number of different things such as actual gameplay, graphics, controls, length, replayability, and sound design. Warning right now, there may be minor spoilers for some parts of the game, but none will take away from the surprise of the game or any of the major events.

To get it out of the way, I’m going to talk about the small negatives that the game has as of right now. One of the problems that occurred from time was a frame drop or lag. These frame drops were not constant, but they did happen from time to time which may discourage some players, but it can be overlooked by the overall experience of the game. The issue with the lag, however, is that it seemed to have an increased chance when playing with another person using a split-screen co-op. This problem does not take away from the overall experience, but it can cause some issues for some players. The other problem that can occur deals with the loot drops from the bosses in the game. The issue than can occur is that the overall loot drop can be quite underwhelming. The only other complaint is that some of the deaths that occur in the game seem to have no real purpose behind them, but they do add a sense of distaste and the urge for revenge within the player. All things considered, these are relatively small issues.

Now going on to the positives, this game has plenty of them, starting with the actual gameplay. The gameplay in this game is enjoyable and provides a large variety of playstyles. It has plenty of action to fill the player to the brim, but it also has great parts of calmness and sadness. This game is great at inducing laughter, suspense, sadness and anger in the player, but anger in a good way. Moving on to the graphics, they are phenomenal. Based off of the last game, the graphics have had an immense improvement. The lighting mixed with darkness is outstanding and can always catch the eye of the player. The textures are pleasing to the eye and improve upon the overall look of the game. Similar to the graphics, the sound design is also phenomenal. The sounds of the guns have a much more powerful punch behind them, giving a great impression of a powerful gun being held in the player’s hands. The sound of the environment and vehicles is also mindblowing. The vehicles have a mean and hardy sound and the atmosphere created by the environmental sound is astonishing. The atmosphere helps instill emotion into the players. The length and replayability of the game are good. The length of the game is long enough to create a purposeful experience without dragging out the story too long. The playability is great, offering at minimum four different experiences based solely on the four main characters. On top of that, each playable character has three main play styles that offer at least twelve different playable experiences. Lastly the controls. The controls are responsive and very easy to understand. After playing the game, the player begins to have the ability to experiment with the controls and movements, which can also add some different techniques of fighting enemies.

Overall, if the player enjoys a fun, action-packed game full of twists and turns, this is just the game for you. This game has great sound, great graphics, great gameplay, great story, and great controls. Even though this game does have it’s setbacks, they can be overlooked due to the sheer enjoyment that can be experienced from the game itself. On the other hand, however, if the player does not enjoy gore, some sporadic lag, some small crashes, and just first-person shooter overall, then this game is not for them. At the end of the day, this is a fun and enjoyable game that many players can find entertaining.

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This is just an overall review of the entire game looking at the positives and the negatives.

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