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Review of Middle Earth: Shadow of War MAG

May 28, 2019
By JAGO0578 SILVER, Tirana, Other
JAGO0578 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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If you want an immersive experience into the magical world constructed by J.R.R. Tolkien, there is no better place to dive in than “Shadow of War.” Players will be pulled deeply into the complex storyline while assuming the identity of a battled-hardened Gondorian, thirsty for revenge. Even those bookworms who normally snub the world of video games will be attracted to the literary virtues of Tolkien’s digitized imagination. Trust in the magic of the experience, and dive into the game with me!


Exciting Twists and Challenging Swordplay

“Middle Earth: Shadow of War” is the sequel to the ground-shaking “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.” Players find themselves in the shoes of Talion, a Gondorian ranger who died on the Black Gate and came back, tied to a wraith lord named Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor and Talion set out to destroy the Dark Lord. The player will go on missions and build an Uruk Army (one of the breeds of orcs, the most violent and powerful) to take fortresses in Morder. In addition to being an open world game, “Shadow of War” offers multiple different regions with different climates and vegetation.  The landscape is breathtaking in its variety; the outlines of majestic mountains, the light and shadows, and the orcs that inhabit them make the game the best of its kind.

For exciting swordplay, “Shadow of War” also has memorable battles with Captains, Warchiefs, and Overlords. Captains can return from the dead, betray you, and even become deranged. These kinds of ever changing plot twists keep the game fresh. Every action has a consequence in this game.


Game-Changing Nemesis System

For technogeeks, “Shadow of War” is revolutionary.  The Nemesis system, is much like life itself –every unique and individual decision yields a unique consequence.  This gives Orcs their redeeming traits, names, and physical characteristics. They have numerous different voices, quotes, armour, facial structures, classes, clans, tribes, etc.  For example, the “Skill Tree” with a number of branches allows you to hone your skills and become the most powerful being in Mordor. The “Wraith Flash” skills allows the player to blind, poison, freeze, or even set enemies on fire in the middle of a fight. Captains, Warchiefs, and Overlords each have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses that can turn the tide in the midst of battle. I can guarantee the player will never be bored!



Extensive Nature

The game contains many regions with unique vegetation, weather, fortresses to capture, and much more. With numerous collectables, skills, and gear to acquire, the complex nature of the game make sure not a second of gameplay is boring.


Agility of Choices


With the Nemesis System making sure every action has an impact on your story – from choosing whether to send your captain in as a spy, assigning him as bodyguard, or sending him to the fight pits – it’s no wonder the game’s motto is: Nothing will be forgotten.


Side Missions for Variety


The Nemesis System creates side missions that range from rights of passage of Orcs, raids, hunts, and many more. If you’re looking for some captains, the side missions are a good place to start, if orcs are enemies chances are they will have conflict in side missions.

There are two DLC’s which add two orc tribes and a new region and two storylines. The DLC’s are not necessary for a good time in the game but if you are interested in more it’s a worthy investment.


Final Review



I love the combat and the story, but the online aspect is weak. Over half of the time that the game has been around, there was a store where you could buy orc captains that were epic and legendary. This completely defeated the purpose of fair multiplayer match-ups when attacking a fortress. Another bone I have to pick with this game is when it first came out it cost me 120 dollars to buy the gold edition – which added a steel case, DLCs and some legendary captains. It was okay, but the game would have still been enjoyable without the upgrades. “Shadow of War,” however, is one of the best open world RPG games I have played. The numerous side missions, amazing campaign and riveting details makes this game is worth the nearly 50 dollars the normal edition on PS4, Xbox and PC. It has some graphic scenes of violence allowing the player to lop off limbs of enemy orcs, but it is easy to see it is not realistic. Still, parents should be aware of the content in this game.  This game contains no sexual content, explicit language, drinking, drugs, or smoking. This game should be available to players 12+ who understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

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This is a review for one of my all time favorite games, I did this for a class so hopefully it turned out okay.

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