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Review of Smash Brothers Ultimate

May 13, 2019
By JJthewolfboy BRONZE, Tirrana, Other
JJthewolfboy BRONZE, Tirrana, Other
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After 4 past games (5 if you don’t count the 3ds and Wii u versions the same) Masahiro Sakurai releases what may be his greatest and final game of the series. Masahiro Sakurai has delivered everything that fans wanted in this latest installment. Sakurai brought back every character who has ever appeared in a Smash game and even added 6 new characters to the franchise. Yet Sakurai still is at his desk working on the oncoming downloadable characters for the new game.  

Sakurai made Smash Ultimate have more depth in its combat mechanics, but still kept it easy to learn and hard to master. This allows the game to still be played with casual players and have a high enough skill ceiling to allow for competitive play. Sakurai and his team added more items for casual play and for competitive play he added faster gameplay and a tournament mode. The movement in this installment is one of, if not, the best movement in any Smash game to date. Smash Ultimate mixed movement of Melee and Smash 4 and created a fast pace, yet still has comprehensible movement. All of the attacks in this game are very satisfying to hit and all feel like they had some impact.

The roster has increased to 11 new characters and returning 63 characters, adding up to 74 characters in Smash ultimates roster.  The diversity of the cast makes it so that everyone has a character that would be fit to their playstyle. Since the game has connection to the internet Sakurai can fix broken characters and give constant balance to the game. Newer players can play a character and grow and constantly advance with them. This constant growth of a player makes the player feel accomplished whenever they win or even when they lose.

The graphics are better than ever. All of the animations appear smooth and solid. New animations to the characters added more expressive facial features and better detail. All of the characters have new revamped animations that compliment their personality. Sakurai put a lot of effort to help bring the characters personalities and game mechanics to represent them properly.

Smash Ultimate has a Plug and Play type nature and that goes perfectly with the switches portability. This allows you to play at home, and then quickly pick up the switch to enjoy Smash Ultimate on the go. Fun moments anywhere, anytime.

All in all the roster, the balance, the solid gameplay, and the replayability is what adds up to make this smash game the greatest smash game yet. I think that this game will be played for years and years to come. Nintendo really outdid themselves this time with Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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