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May 8, 2019
By GWilliams GOLD, Tirana, Other
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One of the first games to shock the world, Tetris is still being enjoyed by people to this day. Even though is has been 34 years since the game was originally released and had people glued to their screens, the game has neither lost its charm or its appeal. I think that Tetris still deserves to be played, even in competition with the cinematic masterpieces of today.

Tetris’s visuals allow for an easy understanding of the goal and how to play. From the simple tetriminos (Those little blocks) to the unending goal of destroying them. Tetris simple design allows for almost anyone to be able to pick up the game and understand how to play. The blocks also make it seem like what you are doing is just a simple task but as you go through the game you learn that as the blocks start going faster it is not just a “simple” task. The ambiance of tetris is also boosted by the music. The music of tetris is based off of Korobeiniki, a russian folk song. Traditionally the song is played faster and faster every time it is repeated. This echos the accelerating pace at which you have to place your blocks.

One of the reasons that Tetris is as accessible as it is is that is has one of the best difficulty curves of all games. A difficulty curve is the amount of challenge you receive the more time you put in. In tetris the difficulty is a smooth curve. At the beginning, when you are learning and adjusting to the game, the game is slower and easier. Then once you achieve an understanding of the game and its functions, the game naturally speeds up as you are able to last longer. This feels very good since you always feel like you are progressing and learning. Finally, even when you have “mastered” the game, know how to T-spin and consistently perform Tetrises. You will still always lose, which means you can always get better.

Tetris also has many benefits for your brain. One study showed that play Tetris can reduce ones desire or cravings for drugs (Shorka-Brown). Another study, done by BrainCraft, an educational PBS show says that playing Tetris can make many changes to your brain, and good ones at that. The study says that Tetris makes your brain more efficient and increase your graymatter, making you smarter overall (Hainer).

Tetris’s simple graphics and iconic music help the game stand up even in today's competitive video game market. It’s design allows for anyone of any age to get into the game with almost no cap on how good you can get. I believe that even though tetris is a game that came out in the 80’s, it is still a game that can still captivate and immerse you in a world of blocks. 

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