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Team Fortress 2

May 3, 2019
By PanYo BRONZE, Spartanburg, South Carolina
PanYo BRONZE, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Team Fortress 2 was made in October 10, 2007. This game was made by Valve, on Steam. Team Fortress 2 is a 9 class game filled with cosmetics, different skill types, and taunts. This game has different gamemodes and different types of items. This game is skill type based, competitive, team-work based, or just for fun. This game celebrates different holidays. Sometimes, Valve puts in "limited time" cosmetics for that precise holiday. Although, these cosmetics can be recieved back at the holidays. Even though, cosmetics can be recieved or buy, taunts are the best (in my opinion) things that happen in this game. Taunts can be used in fun ways or even a "toxic" way. Sometimes, players taunt after each kill which makes the player "toxic". This usually ends up "triggering" the other player who got taunted on. 

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This gamemodes include, Vs. Saxton Hale (VSH), Freak Fortress, Gamemode Mayhem (Filled with different gamemodes), WarioWare, Slender Fortress, and many more. 

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