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Battlefield V

January 22, 2019
By Connor483 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Connor483 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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“You are not expected to survive.” This is the intro to “Battlefield V.” The player is put in the boots of a soldier on the front lines and is told to hold out as long as possible to delay the inevitable death. As the player dies they are put into the boots of another soldier and this repeats multiple times showing the horrific scenarios soldiers faced in the second world war.

“BattleField V” is a first-person shooter set in world war two developed by EA and Dice. It is mostly an online multiplayer game. There are two games in “Battlefield V,” single player and multiplayer. Multiplayer has many different game modes available the ones I will be reviewing are Conquest, Team Deathmatch, and Grand Operations.

First, Conquest is an objective based game mode where two teams of thirty-two fight over control of multiple different objectives. A team wins when they have gotten rid of the other team's tickets. Each team starts with five hundred tickets. The way to get rid of the other team's tickets by capturing and holding objectives or by killing them with each respawn using one ticket. The reason Conquest in fun and popular would be the destructible buildings and terrain. Having the ability to blow up a building to kill an enemy player or to drive through a wall that's blocking the player’s path adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Secondly, Team Deathmatch. Teams win by being the first to achieve a certain amount of kills. Though unlike Conquest, players cannot use planes, tanks, and other vehicles. As the maps are much smaller and team sizes are far less than in conquest and adding vehicles would make it very chaotic. Team Deathmatch games tend to be much more fast pace and take less time, only taking fifteen minutes, unlike thirty minutes for Conquest games and forty-five minute Operations games.

Thirdly, my most favorite game mode, Grand Operations. Grand Operations is a of like a mix between Conquest and Team Deathmatch. In this game mode, two teams fight head to head in a large scale battle lasting three days. The game starts on day one with the attackers jumping out of planes as paratroopers. Their goal is to grab bombs and destroy the objectives which are the other team's artillery. Depending on how well the attacking team does can give them more lives for the next day. The defending team must kill two hundred attackers on the first day to have successfully won their objective. The second day is more of the same. Attackers don’t have to jump out of a plane and their objective is to capture and hold objectives instead of blowing them up. The defenders still have the same goal, kill all the attackers. Day three is a conquest game and is by far the most important day. This is what I don’t like about operations. What happens to me a lot is my team wins the first two days but losses the third and the other team wins the operation despite doing so poorly in the first two days.

After the multiplayer comes the single-player campaign. Just like in its prequel, “Battlefield V” has five smaller stories instead of one large one that most games have. Each story has different characters set in different places in the world and on both the Allies and Axis powers. But the singleplayer is what I dislike the most “Battlefield V”. The characters I found to be boring and underdeveloped and the missions to be drawn out and boring.

Even though I thought it to be boring didn’t stop me from enjoying some parts of it. Most of the missions were meant to be stealthy. I would end up running in guns blazing and shooting everyone leading to a pretty fun and exciting bit of playing. Like in the North African campaign this was especially true. The player is meant to sneak into three different bases and destroy communication devices. I found it easier to run in and shoot everybody causing a few minutes of intense action as I fought off dozens of enemy soldiers then would finish my objective with no further interruption.

Though I have mostly positive reviews to say about “Battlefield V,” doesn’t mean it is a perfect game. As previously stated the single player is kind of lackluster. Lacking the character development and fun creative stories like in “Battlefield 1”. Other problems I have encountered have been a lot of bugs and a texture glitch here and there. Though most of the bugs are not super major like teleporting through a cabin wall on Fjell, and texture glitches are very few and far apart. But I expected some of these glitches to be in the game because EA and Dice spent far less time making the game than other titles in the series. Only spending two years instead of four. That leads me to my next problem, the game is “incomplete”.  Dice announced that the game would include a Battle Royale game mode along with other things but these were not in the game at launch and players will have to wait until they are released in an update.

In conclusion, I talked about the multiplayer, singleplayer, and some problems with “Battlefield V.” I believe that “Battlefield V” is a tremendous game, that all people who like first-person shooters should play. The game offers so much like intense infantry combat, awesome tank fighting, and amazing dogfights. Overall I’m very happy with the game and can’t wait for the next installment in the series.

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