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January 22, 2019
By Starbot BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Starbot BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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You are the proud owner of your very own shipping company and just starting out on your journey across America. Welcome to “American Truck Simulator,” a well made, realistic driving and transport simulator.

Unlike other games that use cars for high speed races or purely as a form of transportation for the in-game character, “American Truck Simulator” (ATS) is based entirely on driving on public roads and has much better driving physics then what has become the norm in driving games. “ATS” employees an amazing graphics engine to help with the overall realistic feel. The game enforces standard traffic laws such as speeding and the misuse of headlights with the occasional appearance of a police cruiser in the overall traffic flow. The game also includes occasional roadside accidents and construction that close lanes or cause detours. The game setup gives the option of just using a keyboard, attaching a controller,  or even using a physical wheel and pedal. The same applies to the gear shifting controls. All the features of the trucks – from horn to blinker to windshield wipers – have fully customizable hot-keys as well.

The game is set in the southwest of the U.S., including the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona. SCS Software also offers the states of Oregon and New Mexico as paid DLC to add on to the experience. SCS has plans to eventually include all 50 states. “American Truck Simulator” scales down the states to allows for less time on the interstate, but have realistic distances between cities. National attractions are included such as the Las Vegas sign, the Grand Canyon, and historic Route 66.

When you start out, you will have to take on jobs using the truck and trailer provided. However, as you gain more money you have the chance to buy your own truck and equipment. The game allows for amazing customization to the trucks with everything from the chassis to paint jobs to dangles in the cab. Some options are cosmetic but others can improve the truck’s power, speed, and hill transversal. If you download the game through Steam, you get access to the wonderful Steam workshop. There you’ll find thousands of mods from players of the game with everything from new trucks to different lights and changes to the traffic.

Overall, this game has many great qualities. At  $19.99 it’s  a game for players of all skill levels. “American Truck Simulator” is my go to driving game. As it continues to expand, so will my excitement for it.

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