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My Name is Earl

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Well, you’re on my list,” If you don’t watch Earl!!!
“I’ll put you on my list” For not watching one of the best comedies ever! The name? My name is Earl. No, not my name, the name of the show! From 8 to 8:30 pm, every Thursday night on NBC, this show will have you laughing your butt off! “My Name is Earl” is a rich comedy with loveable, unforgettable characters, hilarious problems (and solutions), and remarkable acting!
As the title states, the top main character’s name is Earl Hicky. Earl (played by Jason Lee), is the type that always gets into trouble. Drinking, stealing, lying, the works. Then one day, something happened, he got a winning lotto ticket!! Then, all of a sudden, he losses it and then starts to chase it! While doing so, he got into an accident and ended up in the hospital. While lying in the hospital bed he recalls everything that he has done to people and how he has ruined their life. So he makes a ‘list’ of those people and it all came to being while watching a talk show and thinks about karma! Now, he wants to help all those people. First step of being good and you know what happens? His winning lotto ticket appears again! With a list of over 100 or so people, it may take a little while! He thinks it might be a piece of cake, but his ex-wife Joy Turner (played by Jamie Presley), is just going to make his goal all that harder. But now, it’s the third season and Earl’s in jail!!! Joy is trying to get over the fact that he’s in jail while taking care of Earl’s brother Randy (played by Ethan Suplee), dealing with her kids, and trying to handle being a full 9 months pregnant. So, just watching her is amusement!
Being the 3rd season, everyone has problems! (It’s not like they didn’t, I’m just saying that it’s noticeable!) And they are absolutely hilarious! Earl is in prison/jail, Joy is pregnant, Earl’s not-so-bright-brother Randy is now a security guard, and a lot of other problems! Let’s take Randy for example. Randy is a gentle child at heart, with a big shell to say otherwise. Before, in like the 1st and 2nd seasons, Earl has always watched over Randy like a big brother. But since Earl is now in jail, and Randy is a security guard, you can only guess the tension. Since Randy has to watch Earl now, that can be a problem! Randy is also trying to prove to Earl that he can be a leader, which is not working well. Since all of their problems are so weird, their funny! Like in one of the earlier episodes, Earl has a flash back of something really stupid (like always) that he and Randy had done. Steal a car from a girl. Not just any girl, a one-legged hooker! And each and every episode new problems with new people would come! So expect tons of humor!
Now, the acting! It’s so great! The actors and actresses are so believable! The actions and reactions of everyone is so what you would expect if it really did happen! Like when Randy and Earl stole the one girl’s car, she came out of the house and started shooting at them with a shotgun! But not only hilarious actions come from them; it can also be a heart warming show! Like in one episode, Earl finally convinces a young girl whose dream is to become a doctor. But tradition, family, and skill say other wise. So Earl helps the little girl in an ending that’s funny, and heart warming! So the writers have their hands full and yet come back with even more stories, problems, and maybe an additional character if lucky! But one thing, they know their limits in the ‘friendly show’. To not over do some stuff, especially for Candem County, which is basically a white-trash trailer park\apartments. (Actual location and state is NOT available! The various scenes in the show were filmed in different parts of the U.S)
So, basically, the show is very hilarious, believable, and clean!! (Except for the 2 hookers.) This show is perfect if you want to laugh with your friends and family! “My Name is Earl” is one of the best comedies with fantastic characters, hilarious problems, and a great winning cast! So get all your friends, family, a huge bowl of popcorn, and enjoy watching “My Name is Earl.” If you don’t, you will be on Earl’s list!!!

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