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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

What does the word friends mean to you? In this episode of Friends you learn to cope with any situation your friends throw at you. Friends is a great show because of exciting characters, funny plots, and humorous writing.

Friends is an awesome show for lots of drama. In this episode Chandler and Joey
was at a restaurant called “Riffs Bar” sitting at a table. They yelled to the waiter and she turned around and came to there table. When she arrived at the table Chandler said “I didn’t know you worked here” then the waiter said “Yea every week it is close to my apartment”. Later when Chandler and Joey arrived to Monica’s house they told Phoebe that the weirdest thing happened today. Chandler said that they saw someone that looked just like phoebe at the restaurant. Then Phoebe said “Yea that is my twin sister named Ursula”. In the same episode Rachel was taking down Christmas lights on the Condo balcony that she was suppose to take down a few months ago and she fell. The Christmas lights caught her leg. So she was hanging down off of a Condo balcony by her leg with her head swinging in the air.

At the beginning of the episode Rachel wanted Monica to do everything for herself. At the end of the episode she does everything by her self. In the same episode a few weeks earlier Chandler was late to work and the boss came in the room. Then Chandler said “I know I was late to work last week but I slept funny and my hair was very” then the boss interrupted. And said “No that is not what I was going to tell you that I wanted you to fire a few people” then he handed him a list of names and left.

In this episode phoebe is mad at Joey because Joey is dating Phoebe’s twin sister named Ursula. Rachel and Monica are mad at each other because when the lights caught her leg when she fell off of the balcony it sprang her foot. When she went to the hospital they gave her the papers to fill out and Monica was filling out the papers for Rachel and Monica asked Rachel if she had insurance and Rachel said no. Then Monica went up to the front desk and asked for another form. When she go back to the seat and put Rachel’s name down and but Monica’s information. Later on in the episode Rachel and Monica was dating the doctors and Rachel wanted to tell them their real name but Monica didn’t want to because she didn’t want to get in ruble.

“Friends” is a hilarious sitcom try watching it Monday thru Friday at 6:00 on Fox 56. I recommend the sitcom “Friends” because of exciting characters, funny plots, and humorous writing.

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