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The Lying Game

January 6, 2012
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Sara Shepard’s, The Lying Game shows every Monday at 9/8 central on ABC Family. The show starring Alexandra Chando tells the tale of Emma Becker finding her long lost sister Sutton Mercer, who is in search of their birthmother not knowing that when they meet Sutton has a plan that will change their lives completely.

Trading places to Emma probably sounded easy, since Sutton did say that she would be back in a few days. A few days started to seem like torture when Ethan Whitehorse soon finds that his secret girlfriend has been hiding secrets of her own. Problems hedge Emma as she tries to fit in with her new, already molded, surroundings. Life isn’t easy for Sutton, even though she has had luck finding Thayer and staying with him, and not to mention finding more about her birthmother.

Sutton is yearning for her life back and Emma dreads the day when she has to give her sister’s life back to its original owner. Every episode involves the sister’s sides of their story of getting closer to their birthmother. Emma soon finds out that Sutton doesn’t just have a pretty perfect life and dresses and shoes aren’t the only things that she is hiding in her closet.

The minute you start watching The Lying Game it is not likely you will ever stop. Each show leaves a cliff hanger leaving you yearning and bouncing up and down on the couch or where you are seated wanting to see the next show. You will never be bored with the show; it is suspenseful, and romantic.

Based off of the books The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.

The author's comments:
The Lying Game is one of my favorite shows, the show was what really inspired this review!

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Wordweaver said...
on Jan. 18 2012 at 7:44 am
This is an excellent review: I am impressed with the content, and tone of the review. Well Done!