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The Prince that is So Fresh: the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? The fresh Prince of bel-Air is the TV show you need to watch. In this sitcom set up Ashley was getting to serious with her boyfriend. Will and Carlton don’t like it too well. This show comes on noggin/the n almost every night about 10:00 pm. The setting is usually in the kitchen or the living room in their house. Fresh Prince is a good show because the acting is believable, the characters are entertaining, and the plot keeps you interest.

Acting is believable because they act like it is real life. Will, Ashley, Phil, Carlton, Vivian, and Hilary act like a real family. Usually they are always arguing that makes it real sounding and looking. What they do and say is more like real life; you would never know its acting. They act as if they don’t even use a script in this sitcom. When they are acting you can’t even tell that they are acting.

The characters are entertaing because they are funny and interesting to watch. In this one episode Will said he was sorry to Ashley he got onto his knees, Ashley kept walking away and he was apologizing while walking on his knees. It was really funny. After he does all of that then she said that he was right and they get along again.

Plot keeps peoples interesting. It keeps interest this show is funny. This show talks about real life problems or situations. Like jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends and life. In this particular episode. Will and Carlton accidentally dropped in on one of Ashley’s personal conversation with her friends about her boyfriend. Will tells Ashley and doesn’t like it. So when she goes out with her boyfriend they talked about serious stuff, then she listens to Will.

Fresh Prince deserves your attention because of acting, characters, and the plot. The reasons like I listed in the past paragraphs. I recommend you watch this show because you will laugh your butt off when you watch it. Also this show is so hilarious that you won’t know what to do.

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