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   A life and death emergency has transformed a peaceful day into a vindictive reccurring nightmare that never seems to end. As the day goes on, the fearless team of doctors and nurses bravely fight for the many desperate lives who depend on them for survival. This is exactly what happens in the new, high-rated NBC series, ER.

This fast-paced medical drama will keep the hearts of viewers beating until the end. Created by Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park and Disclosure), the hour-long realistic show ventures into the lives of the emergency room doctors and nurses of Chicago's Cook County General Hospital. With no concern for their own lives, these specialists endure long hours to save everyone who needs care.

Every day these medical professionals are faced with various emergencies from a toddler overdosing on cocaine to a man's severed leg as a result of a 32 car pile-up during a blizzard. These doctors and nurses not only have the "hands" for their professions, but they also have compassion in their hearts. Their kindness is best expressed in the tearful moments when the doctors must confront the relatives of patients who have died.

This series, starring Anthony Edwards as head resident Dr. Mark Green and Sherry Stringfield (N.Y.P.D Blue) as the great female resident, Dr. Susan Lewis, are well cast. The innocent-faced Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter is perfect for his role as the young resident who always appears to be startled or confused with his new everyday adventures. The strong-hearted Dr. Peter Benton, played by Eriq La Salle (Jacob's Ladder), as the charismatic resident surgeon, provide viewers with a handsome African-American doctor prodigy. Also, George Cloony (Sisters) as pediatrician Dr. Doug Ross, gives another kind and caring face every week to the many faithful viewers.

ER is not only the best new drama this year, but it is the most realistic of all the medical shows on the air. After one dose, everyone will want to see more

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