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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   "Guinness" is on Tuesday nights on Fox.It is a disgusting show that I regret watching. The producersseem to show the sickest records. There is nothing wrong withthe book, and it's an honor to be in it, for the most part.The program, however, doesn't show the record for the personwho lifted the most weight. Instead, they show the person wholifted 30 pounds with his pierced ears and tongue, which wastruly disgusting. Television can do without a show likethis.

I personally couldn't care less about 90% of therecords on the show. Do you really care about the person whoput 500 live bees in his mouth? I don't. If you ask me, he'scompletely nuts, not someone who accomplished a desirablefeat. The ten percent of the show that isn't disgusting ispointless and involves no skill. For example, one of theevents was a person who tried to fit 19 people into a VWBeetle. How much practice and hard work does that take? Aren'tyou supposed to do something challenging to get into the book?If I were you, I wouldn't think twice about changing thechannel. Believe me, you won't miss anything.

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