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Superman and Lois

April 3, 2023
By JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
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Favorite Quote:
So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” - Christopher Reeve

Kid : “Cool Costume.” 

Superman : “Thanks, my mom made it for me.” 



Just like that, I was pulled in by the cw super hit “Superman and Lois.” Starring Teen Wolfer Tyler Hochlyn and Elizabeth Tuccloch as the iconic comic book characters, Superman and Lois. The idea should be overdone and cliche by now, right? Yea….. it should be overdone, something about Superman and Lois marrying each other. Yada, yada, yada, right? Supes comes from Krypton and becomes a hero finding Lois and all the story is tied up, yea! But that’s where the twist comes right in. Superman and Lois struggle with what every parent struggles with, raising children, but two kids? 

The idea is of Superman raising two teenage boys, with Lois as the mother, now you have me! That’s exactly what the writers thought going into this show and first printing out the script in season 1 episode 1. Titled “Pilot.”  Now, having been a CW show and seen first hand, at how the superhero CW shows start off a hit and strong, before declining after season 2 or 3…… but that’s just it…. This aged well…. I can say the show started two years ago, February 23, 2021….. Still it has me hooked and interested in what it has to offer! Season three began a few weeks ago, March Fourteenth. What feels like it shouldn’t be as interesting and as peaked, and should be starting to fail, right? But that’s all wrong. 

Thirty three episodes in, and my interest is still peaking. As the writers managed to find a way to revive the iteration and give the concept of Superman becoming a parent with Lois as his wife! 

Season 1 opens up with the retelling of the story of Superman, visually appealing and pleasing! From baby to teen-hood, and the death of his father, Clark Kent learns of his way in life and the way he wants to go. In an attempt to find himself out…. So he does. Leaving home and there, we see a love note from the writers to the fans. As we get a comic-accurate, and comic-seen suit straight from the 1940’s Fleischer  Cartoon serials. Gasping and eyes glued, we see Superman save a green car in the same manner as Action Comics number 1 suggests, a green car, and lifting it up over his head, then placing it down. To add, we get a two-bit of dialogue from the comics of the kid commenting on how Jim’s outfit is amazing.

 To which the last son of Krypton replied in a matter of seconds, “Thanks my mom made it for me.” 

Flying off and we then get towards the bit of meeting Lois Lane, which is ripped from the screenplay of the Richurd Donner’s classic “Superman the movie.”  The side-side by stunning comparison doesn’t stutter into impressing fans alike for the Christopher Reeve portrayal of the hero. Flashing forward a few years, we see Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s relationship soaring as he then reveals himself as Superman to him. Then the announcement of the two boys, Jordan and Jothan Kent. Another montage of the boys growing up to become freshmen at Metropolis High. Explaining how Jonathan is of ordinary caliber with Jordan as the social anixter one. Then, we get the great first scene. 

Over the river and into a power plant, readying to explode, we meet General Lane, finding out the problem and calling on Superman who is already on his way. First, we get the shot that drives me crazy! Stretching his arms out and picking in speed, Superman races towards the power plant before reaching his destination and we get another reference to the super scene from Reeve. Freezing the lake and picking it up and melting it over the power plant. Before dropping it all over the power plant. 

Just alone by the first few minutes. I liked this vision for Superman. As we move into the family and school and far beyond. The mysterious elements begin pouring in. Giving us the ominous feeling like Something's happening in the next few episodes and the first confrontation of “The Stranger.” Strange enough, the show somehow is keeping us engaged and interested as there’s more action and more mysterious questions remaining unsolved for the “Stranger’s.”  Hatred in wanting to bring down Superman. That’s not the only interesting mystery, as it also introduces Morgan Edge who seems to want something in the smallville mines. Getting it, and now he has access, and giving people powers like Superman. We wondered why until later on in the season, we got a mind blowing answer. Then, we get the cataclysmic season final. Which gave off a very intense and emotional redemption arc for Morgan Edge. 

Season 2 opens up with a reminder of why this fictionalized family of the Kents work. As we get an opening of the son, Jordan goes off to impress his girlfriend Sara Cushing who returns home from camp. Only to reveal to Jordan that she might like someone else. All this plays out in a very manner that doesn’t feel annoying or stupid, just feels sorta relatable in a way of teenaging language. Also opening up in season 2 on Jonathan and his girlfriend taking some time together, real close….. Ultimately the romance doesn’t make the opening to the sequel season of Superman and Lois memorable. As the show progresses into mysterious forces lingering. We meet Lois Lane’s sister Lucy. From off the bat, it seems as though her character is shunning and anything but loving. Which leads up to hoping they patch it up, and they do. The other mystery is the labeling of “Doomsday” and that he may be arriving on the scene. Ultimately he does and we get a twist of the real antagonist of the season, Ally Allstion. Although intriguing it does kinda lack the feeling of becoming a threat to Superman. The season revolves around her neediness to retrieve a piece of her family’s heirloom. Which may bring down the Superman of two earths! This idea works so well and the season final pays homage to the Reeve movies, giving me my favorite Superman moment of all time! 

The author's comments:

Muah! This show has it all, good writing, fantastic acting. I recommend, if you're one to enjoy somthing good about superheroes, and especially Superman!  

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