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Ginny and Georgia review

March 12, 2023
By Annastorey BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
Annastorey BRONZE, Lethbridge, Alberta
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“You win more flies with honey, but if you get yourself a bee, sting first.” -Georgia miller.

Ginny and Georgia are moving to Wellsbury, Massachusetts for a fresh start. Georgia’s mysterious past causes their family to move around a lot, while still hiding all her secrets from her two kids, Ginny and Austin. As the family settle into the town, we begin to see How Ginny, Austin, And Georgia’s Chaotic family fit into the peaceful little town that is Wellsbury. As we see Ginny Adapt to another new school and Georgia trying to find a place in the town, more secrets become revealed throughout this series to keep you hooked.  

This show moves quick, and it never has a boring moment. From the first episode of the series, so much happens already to keep you moving on to the next episode. In the beginning of the movie, you don’t get the best look at how the show is going to go, Ginny, Georgia and Austin seem to have a normal family dynamic, but as you move on you start to see some things about this family that are a bit… off. It starts with the family driving in the car towards their new town. Just watching the characters making conversation with each other feels very natural and just in that first moment we see a lot about the personalities of the characters. When they arrive at their house, we meet some characters that live in the town and by the end of the episode, important events already take place, and you get to know some of the characters personally while still not understanding them completely.

There's a lot of people introduced throughout this show with different qualities to each of them. One of the main themes of the show is how Ginny and Georgia are like opposites. Ginny is more logical and reserved but sometimes acts on her instinct instead of her mind while Georgia is outgoing, spontaneous and positive and can make quick decisions, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

There are many characters in Ginny and Georgia, given that the show is centered around a whole town. Most of the characters are thought out well, and they make you just want the best for them. However, a handful of the characters can be pretty annoying and not written well at all. The main issue with these characters is how cringy they are. There are a couple moments in the show that I almost had to skip because of the way they were acting, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.
One of the main topics that Ginny and Georgia addresses is Mental health. Throughout the series we see many of the characters in the show deal with mental health issues and how some characters overcome their struggles. There are moments in the show that are very emotional and made me tear up a few times. Georgia has trauma from her dark past that is revealed throughout the series and she is forced to hide her feelings a lot, while Ginny deals with anxiety and depression. It’s easy to relate to some of the things that the characters think and do which makes it enjoyable to watch the show.

There are a lot of reasons why Ginny and Georgia is such a popular show on Netflix today. The storytelling is so good that I finished all 20 1 hour episodes in a week. Though some of the characters are hard to love, most of them are hard not to love and make the story that much better. I fully recommend this show to anybody who loves drama and a little bit of mystery.

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