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All American

June 10, 2019
By mariarivera SILVER, Sacramento, California
mariarivera SILVER, Sacramento, California
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All American is not only a intense TV series but it will also leave you on a cliffhanger that'll have you thinking what will happen next so it gives you a chance to think. It deals with real life consequences that also help you resolve them.

All American is a drama series created by April Blair that premiered on The CW on October 10, 2018 and is now streaming on Netflix. Filming took place in Thomas Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles known as South Crenshaw High School in the series. This incredible series is about this teenager called Spencer James that's a star receiver football player that attend South Crenshaw High School, but later on gets recruited to Beverly Hills High School by Billy Baker. Spencer James tends to win games through his power of perception.

This TV series isn't only about football but also has a mixture of race and occasionally class. Spencer endures both not so micro aggressions and overt racist taunts, and in the third episode he and Jordan face police harassment. Still, the stories feel stale and have been told far better elsewhere. "All American" also involves a family-secret dimension in relation to its fish out of water story and football. There's nothing wrong with a mystery , but it's less exciting to keep a secret than to spill one. "All American" is going over and over for the less exciting tale.

Spencer admits to Coach Baker that he is always upset  angry that his dad left him, angry that he grew up in poverty, angry that he had to work so much harder than other children. But he doesn't seem upset he just looks bummed out.

All American is one of the best shows you could ever watch. People should watch this show so people can see that there's another way out to poverty instead of joining gangs and doing crimes. Also so people can see how people with color get treated.

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