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January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Download: “Heartless” by Kanye West
Hip-Hop/Rap artist Kanye West certainly outdid himself when he released his new single “Heartless,” which fans of his previous work should certainly download.
Similar to his last single “Love Lockdown,” West showcases an edgier voice, which sounds as though he’s singing into a fan.
Although some listeners may not find this techno-sounding voice appealing, West’s lyrics are another aspect of it to look forward to hearing.
West demonstrates a sense of vulnerability through this single, which he doesn’t normally express through his actions in the media or through lyrics in his other songs such as “Gold Digger.”
“Heartless” is about a girl who breaks up with a guy, “but in the end it’s still so lonely” for the guy. The girl then attempts to get back together with him; however, the guy then says to her, “You can’t make it right, I’m gon’ take off tonight.”
West’s new single displays new sounds, a new beat, and a new theme in his songs that will thrill anyone who downloads it and enjoys this edgy version of hip-hop and choose to download it.

Download: “The Stoop” by Little Jackie
“The Stoop” by pop artist Little Jackie may not be a well-known tune; however, it’s unquestionably one that pop music lovers should download.
Little Jackie’s song on her album “The Stoop” is very upbeat, causing listeners to be in a happier mood. One of the main instruments includes a piano,
Although the beat of Little Jackie’s song is very uplifting, the rhymes in her lyrics add to the general appeal of the song as well.
Rhyming lines such as, “It is what it is, it ain’t all hard up in the hood” and “Sittin’ on my front step and it’s all good,” allow Little Jackie’s tune flow well and make it an easy for listeners to listen to and follow along with.
Little Jackie and her music may not be widely recognized; however, her new hit “The Stoop” makes her seem like a pop star.

Download: Single Ladies by Beyoncé Knowles

Off her new album “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” R

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