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Stand Up by Everyday Sunday

June 24, 2010
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the album that started it all! "Stand Up," the 2002 debut album from energetic rockers Everyday Sunday. "Would You Leave" starts the album off with their signature, happy, energetic sound with an awesome guitar as its base. "Mess with Your Mind" is a little edgier than the previous track but still brings in that uplifting sound that were used to hearing from these guys. "Wait" keeps up the happy edginess that Everyday Sunday fans aren't exactly used to hearing. A rap-inspired chorus brings another unforseen twist to the song and the overall album as their very thoughtful, signature lyrics make this a welcome treat for all fans. "Stand Up," the title track, slows things down a little, taking us back to the sound that we all know and love from these guys as they create a soft rock beat that shows off a greatly done, heart grabbing bridge accompanied by an ending of the same quality. "Live for You Tonight" brings up the energy with a techno-ish background to make a chorus that you can totally rock out to with your buds. "Hanging On" is an awesome power ballad with high-flying vocals and unforgettable lyrics. A beautiful orchestra accompanies their normal rock sound about mid-way to the end of the song which creates a wonderful ending. "Lose it Again" pumps up the energy as a rockin' guitar solo starts off this track, and great, sing-a-long lyrics run alongside the happy, up-tempo beat that's filled with out-of-this-world guitar licks. "Just a Story" shares a story through creative lyrics that talk about going through a drive-thru backwards and living for God as he ventures through life. "Sleeper" starts with an acoustic feel that branches out into an eletric guitar lick that brings us into another song with a soft rock beat that gets energized in the chorus with some great high-flying vocals. "This Time" starts off with a different sound that just can't be described in words as it traces the guys' usual sound with awesomely creative lyrics and a fun bridge to boot. "Don't Leave" mixes an acoustic guitar with a beautiful string section. These sounds branch out to meet a regular beat of electric guitars and drums with clear, story-telling lyrics. "Stand Up (Remix)" brings this album to a close with a beautiful remix of the title song as new, interesting sounds are added to the track.

Bottom line: this is a great album for anyone's musical collection, even if you're new to the sounds of Everyday Sunday. Not only is this a great C.D. for any Everyday Sunday fan, but it also really shows that they're not afraid of trying out different sounds while still sticking to their same old rock sound that we've grown to know and love. Because of all of the different styles and sounds that they venture into in this album, this would be a great gift for anyone no matter what type of music they're into. Enjoy!

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