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The Jonas Brothers Tour

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Topic: The Jonas Brothers Tour

As the title clearly states, I was one of those screaming girl-fans who attended one of their concerts. (I did see a few boys there, which surprised me!)The concert was IMPECABLE! AMAZING! Unfortunately I wasn't in touching distance, or even within spitting distance of them. But I didn't mind, being able to hear them live was enough. A few sharp notes did occur though (You know who you are! cough JOE cough). If the Jonas Brothers are coming to your area soon, GO. It was surely worth my fifty bucks! It was almost 3 hours long! Those cute look-a-like boys made every girl's heart flutter when "When You Look Me In The Eyes" played. They performed songs from their old and new cd. The concert was full of dry-ice fog, EXTRA loud screaming and some beautiful serenades. They had us jumping, screaming and waving our hands the whole night. It was unforgettable, and as a plus, my camera was allowed inside. :]

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