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Best Night of our Lives by Everyday Sunday

March 1, 2010
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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"Best Night of our Lives" is the awesomely energetic, 2009 release from Christian rockers, Everyday Sunday. "Best Night of our Lives" starts off the album with some great uplifting energy that shows off Everyday Sunday's original sound. "Under your Thumb" keeps the upbeat tempo going with wonderfully written lyrics that bring a very important message. "Lies and Fear go Hand in Hand" starts off with a very catchy beat that has a wonderful rock feel, which totally escalates in the bridge to create an awesome guitar solo. "Breathing for Me" brings a great, upbeat tempo that has lyrics that are the perfect match for it's beat. It's a total crowd pleaser that has a wonderful sing-a-long feel to it. "Where I ended" slows things down for a little bit to make a beautiful power ballad that has a great, uplifting message. "Figure it out" brings up the tempo a little to make a feel-good beat. Then, the chorus brings the tempo up a little bit more to exalt it's happy beat. "Pity the Man who Falls and has no one to Help him up" brings everything to an awesome heart grabbing, upbeat, rock tempo with totally awesome sing-a-long lyrics that you'll never forget. "Come Around" deals out an even more heart grabbing beat that includes some great catchy, creative lyrics and a beautiful ending. "Here with me" starts off with a beautifully slow, acoustic guitar to make a wonderful beat with beautiful lyrics attached. As the song goes on, it turns into a greatly done power ballad that includes some techno licks as a plus. "In the End" picks up the tempo and totally rocks out to make an upbeat, rock hit that shows off their original sound with creative lyrics to boot. "Reprise" is a track that not many Everyday Sunday fans would be expecting. It's actually an instrumental, despite the "oh's" that are sung by the band. Even though it's an instrumental, this song definitely shows off Everyday Sunday's sound with it's power ballad feel, great electric guitar, drums, and notable techno licks. It's definitely a great and somewhat unpredictable way to end this awesome album.

Bottom line: Everyday Sunday has done it again. They've created another hit album that's a great addition to anyone's musical collection. With it's wonderful, uplifting beats and completely creative lyrics, this is one C.D. that you just can't pass up. It's safe to say that weather you're listening to this album with your friends, at a school dance, or even by yourself in your room, Everyday Sunday has created the best C.D. of our lives. Enjoy!

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