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September 9, 2014
By Tipster37 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
Tipster37 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
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“Lost and Delirious,” a film very loosely based on Susan Swan’s novel The Wives of Bath, is a beautifully crafted story about the loss of love. The narrator, Mary “Mouse” Bedford (Mischa Barton), is in her first year at an all-girls boarding school. She observes her roommates, Tori and Paulie (portrayed by Jessica Paré and Piper Perabo) as their passionate romance slowly disintegrates, crushing Paulie’s spirit in the process. Mouse provides emotional support for Paulie while finding her own support in the school’s funny and wise gardener, who becomes her sole parental figure.

Although the story is told by Mouse, she plays a relatively small role in the movie. She brings a far more detached perspective to the table, allowing the audience to decide with whom they will side: Paulie or Tori. This freedom to chose, in turn, makes the story a great deal more intense; Paulie, Tori, and Mouse have quite distinct internal struggles.

Mischa Barton does an artful job portraying Mouse. She emphasizes her utter emotional isolation without overplaying the innocence central to her personality, and her craft particularly shines when she shows Mouse’s pain regarding the death of her mother.

Despite a number of situational clichés, the story brings depth to Paulie’s emotional journey. Perabo’s performance ranges from subtle demonstrations of the chaos in Paulie’s mind to a truly convincing outburst in the school’s cafeteria. Her interactions with Tori feel tender and vulnerable. As Paulie attempts to win back the love of her life, her pain is apparent and makes clear to the audience what is at stake for her.

Jessica Paré’s performance as Tori evokes equally strong emotions. Her character’s sympathy for Paulie’s pain shows through the facade that she hides behind, giving complexity to a character who could easily have come off as a fickle teenager. Her delivery feels honest throughout the film.

Overall, “Lost and Delirious” is a highly recommendable movie with stellar acting that truly demonstrates how to make romance feel new, deep, and interesting.

This film is rated R.

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