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November 23, 2008
By xxprincessdarkxx BRONZE, Bellwood, Pennsylvania
xxprincessdarkxx BRONZE, Bellwood, Pennsylvania
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*spoiler alert*
So how was Twilight? I know some people hate it already and others loved it. I am a part of the group that absolutley loved this film. In the movie Bell Swan(Kristen Stewart) finds hers self moving to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. From tehre she goes to Forks High School and meets Edward Cillen( Robert Pattison)and his brothrs Emmet and Jasper and his sisters Alice and Rosalie. There is something about Edward and his family no one knows. They are vampires, but vegitarians. Carlise is Edwards "Father". In the movie after Edward tells Bella what he is they go play baseball. At the field three other vampires James, Laurent, and Victoria(they are people eating vampires.) James is a hunter. James lured Bella into a dance studio with a video of bella's mother to kill her. That's wHere it gets suspenseful. As James was getting ready to kill Bella, Edward sauntered in and threw James away from Bella,and James grabbed him by the neck and said "Your here first because you are faster than the others, but not stronger." The Edward retortes with "I'm strong enough to kill you." Before Edward came into the though, James had bitten Bella. (A vampires venom can turn a human into a vampire.) So after the other Cullens came into the studio and burnt James, Edward then had to suck the venom from bella's arm so she would not change. Edward argued with Carlise for a period of time because he didn't think he could stop himself,but he did. Bella was in acoma for tree days and wakes up in a hospital. The Cullens tell Renee

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