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   Fans of the Caped Crusader will probably enjoy this movie, although a few story changes were made, and Jack Nicholson, as the Joker, gets more screen time. In fact, Nicholson's name is the first listed in the credits of the movie. This is presumably because he's been in more movies, can act better, and has a better reputation than Michael Keaton, who plays Batman.

The performance delivered by Nicholson is superb. He's a delight to watch, executing his comically perverted antics, knowing all the time we're transfixed by his fun grin and his unique eyebrows.

Michael Keaton is so-so in his role, less than believable. I feel that Tim Burton could have picked somebody better suited to the hero's role. When people auditioned for the cast, Adam West (who played Batman in the 60's TV series) was instantly denied the part, but the movie offered him a cameo appearance (which he refused).

If you like special effects, Batman has its share of them. Another aspect of Burton's movies is the spectacular soundtracks.

Everyone has waited for this movie. Don't hold back, if you haven't already seen it!

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