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Dragnet: A True Bore MAG

By Anonymous

   "Dragnet" (the movie) is basically a bland, weak-humored attempt at a parody based on the old television show of the same title. Despite Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd, two normally terrific comedians, "Dragnet" has no punch to it, and the one-liners are funny only during a few rare moments. The story-line seeks to imitate a typical Dragnet TV show with two detectives searching for the perpetrator of a series of crimes. Furthermore, the movie is comprised almost entirely of scenes in which Hanks and Akroyd plod across the screen chattering through senseless stale jokes and investigating a nonsensical crime. A pure waste of time, Dragnet is a lousy remake of the original Police Squad stories, and to be honest, renting an original episode of Dragnet may be funnier than renting this movie.

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i love this so much!

on Aug. 14 2011 at 9:30 pm
JeremyHerbert PLATINUM, Fairview Park, Ohio
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I'd have to disagree.  Dan Aykroyd is one of my favorite actors and I also enjoy Tom Hanks, so this might be biased.  However, I thought the movie had an interesting plot, and it was played straighter than Police Squad.  More John Landis and less Zucker and Abrams.  But the comedy does hit pretty often, more than it misses.  Ultimately, I'd say it's an overlooked film.