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   "Driving Miss Daisy" should drive off with this year's Academy Award for Best Picture because of its beautiful story and powerful messages. Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, and Dan Aykroyd play the lead roles in this movie version of the recent broadway theatre production, which tells the story of an elderly Jewish lady and her black chauffeur, and their struggle against the prejudices they face in the 1950's.

A gentle drama, this movie does not stoop to using violence or unnecessary language to convey its message, but instead keeps the audience laughing while they learn. There are also deeper meanings to the movie: one involves the development of Dan Aykroyd's character as a businessman, and how, despite his increased financial luck, he nevertheless remains the same sinful person throughout his life. A second significant point made in "Driving Miss Daisy" speaks to the audience about life as an older person, vulnerable and weak. The movie seems to ask its viewers to understand what the elderly go through, and to sympathize with them as well as to aid them.

The music fits the script quite well, and the costumes, makeup, and set designs are all done with the utmost care. The rave reviews and awards this movie has earned so far are most certainly well-deserved and look for it to win several more at the Academy Awards this month.

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