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   "The Fannelli Boys," a popular television show on Wednesday nights at 9: 00 p.m., appears to be one of the better shows in the new fall line-up of prime time sitcoms. This well put together show centers around the Fannelli clan (Dominic, Antony, Frankie and Ronnie) who have all moved back to Brooklyn, NY to live with their Italian-American mother in her apartment house. Like most sitcoms, "The Fannelli Boys" centers around a different member of the household in each episode. Dom's many get-rich-quick schemes for his funeral parlor have failed in many hilarious ways. Antony's trials to find the perfect Italian woman are funny because every night at dinner, his mother invites a new woman to eat with the family. Frankie, the best-looking Fannelli of all, chases every woman that his brown eyes see and pulls the strangest attention-getters just to meet them. (The best one was when he enrolls in a poetry class just to hit on the teacher.) Finally, with Ronnie's endeavors at a local college and his serious relationship with a thirty-one-year-old divorced mother, the tensions run pretty high as he struggles to show his older brothers that he is not a little kid. As you can see, "The Fannelli Boys" is a fantastic, all-around show for anyone who loves a great show and wants to have a fun evening. n

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